The Benefits of Creativity

By Hannah Shepard

It is a common misconception that creativity only belongs to those who are in tune with their right-brain hemisphere – those born with artistic ‘talent’ and a natural visionary ‘flow.’ Others that lean in the opposite direction, in favor of logic, may feel like creativity is out of reach. On the contrary, it is a useful tool that comes in a variety of forms, often being used in our everyday lives without realization. Furthermore, creativity is remarkably beneficial to your overall well-being and can improve your personal and professional life.

In today’s world, technology is constantly and incessantly pulling our attention in different directions. But, during moments of creativity, you enter a state of ‘flow’ when you are completely absorbed and lose sense of time, thus allowing your brain to take a break from the everyday distractions. This can happen while you are cooking, gardening, knitting, writing and more. Many artists alike this act to a form of meditation, as it reduces anxiety by slowing your heart rate, boosting your mood and improving your ability to focus.

By tapping into your creative energy, you are exercising skills of critical thinking, problem solving and risk-taking. While you are, on the one hand, relaxing your mind and body, you are on the other, developing skills that are valued in a professional setting. Innovation is almost synonymous with creativity, and it is a multidisciplinary tool admired in every career field.

The advantages to creativity can linger beyond the completion of your project by providing a continued sense of accomplishment and pride. In sharing your work, you can connect with others that share the same passion. And not to worry, creativity does not run out. As Maya Angelou once said, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”


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