The Polo Bar

By Makayla Gay

You might not be able to make a meal out of Ralph Lauren’s silk ties, iconic polos or tweeds, but you can sip an Old Fashioned or take a bite out of the famed Polo Bar Burger made from beef from Lauren’s double RL ranch in Colorado. Coupled with an atmosphere that combines the warm glamour of a 1950s Madison Avenue executive lunch with the equestrian stateliness of an English country club, The Polo Bar offers a comfortable, luxurious setting for classic all-American fare and libation in the heart of New York City.

“I’m drawn to the kind of food that people truly enjoy—vibrant food that people want to return to time and again,” says Ralph Lauren.

Seasonal dishes range from chopped vegetable salads and crab cakes to corned beef sandwiches, steaks and the signature Polo Bar Burger. Even though ribeye steaks are a far cry from rib-knitted sweaters, The Polo Bar matches the distinguished sporting lifestyle that’s synonymous with the Ralph Lauren brand.

Inspired by Ralph Lauren’s love of communing with friends and family around the table, the menu is populated by Lauren’s favorite American cuisine. The atmosphere is bedecked with brass accents, mahogany wood paneling, intimate banquette leather seating, deep hunter green walls adorned with curated artwork and Henry Koehler polo match-inspired mural on the restaurant’s exterior.

The Polo Bar joins Lauren’s RL Restaurant in Chicago, Ralph’s in Paris, Ralph’s Coffee & Bar in London and Ralph’s Coffee Ocean Terminal in Hong Kong.

Ralph Lauren isn’t the only couture restaurateur. Cafes and restaurants are the natural falling place after a long day of shopping. Brands like Bulgari, Gucci and Chanel are enticing customers to satisfy the hunger for food and fashion.

If you find yourself pining over a bygone era and the casual glamour of sipping an Old Fashioned in between polo rounds or lounging in an English clubhouse, The Polo Bar makes that nostalgia a reality. Be prepared. If you’re not on the VIP list that’s lined with A-list celebrities, the wait to get in is as legendary as the icon behind the The Polo Bar.



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