The Uncontrollable Urge to Tie One On

Summer scarves add a pop of color to a simple ensemble, and they are just what you need to combat aggressive air conditioning.

When the weather is too warm for a jacket, but air conditioning and evening breezes are too cooling, a lightweight summer scarf is the perfect medium. Tie one on over a simple jeans-and-t ensemble for a more put together look. Or sub a scarf for a statement necklace when you want to travel light. Elysian’s favorite summer scarves run the gamut from skinny shapes and multi-fabrics, to tasseled and classic silk:


Since time immemorial, a silk scarf has been been an emblem of style and sophistication. Cheeky prints add flavor to a classic.

Kate Spade Going Places Scarf

We picture ourselves in dark sunnies with this map scarf protecting our hair as we speed toward our private jet in a convertible.


Alexander McQueen Silk Skull Scarf
(Multiple Colors Available)

Only McQueen could make Goth skulls fashion-y.


Rumisu Feisty Tropical Print Scarf

Rumisu’s vibrant silk scarf is so richly inspired by the South Pacific, it’s as if it were painted by Paul Gaugin himself.


Valentino Logo Scarf in Black & White

Cue up Jefferson Airplane on vinyl. This psychedelic-print Gucci logo scarf has us in a trippy mood.


Gucci Logo Scarf

Always posh, never gauche, the 80s-inspired Gucci logo print is a status symbol, par excellence.



If silk is the older, patrician sister of the scarf family, then blends are the young, irreverent sister. You never know what she’s going to come up with next, but it’s always interesting.

Fisher Geo Print in Organic Cotton Blend

Fisher’s trippy chevrons in a sustainable cotton-silk blend are a guilt-free indulgence.


Bindya Lace Trim Sole in Ivory or Black

A lacy wrap in ivory or black adds just the right touch to almost any summer ensemble.


Mangrove Scarf in an Ikat Pattern

Inspired by the traditional Indonesian Ikat pattern, Mangrove’s modal/cashmere blend is particularly fetching with blue denim.


Tory Burch Meadow Sweet Embroidered Scarf

What better way to jazz up a denim-skirt and t-shirt ensemble than Tory Burch’s embroidered scarf?


Burberry Logo Scarf in Wool & Silk

We don’t know how they did it, but Burberry’s silk and wool blend scarf is light as a cirrus cloud on a summer day, and as colorful as our daydreams.


Fringe and Tassels

Scarves adorned with fringe and tassels are a great sub for a statement necklace when you want to eschew the hardware.

Tory Burch Scrapbook Fringed Silk Scarf

Tory Burch is the master of polished hippie-chic, as clearly evidenced by her colorful scarf trimmed with charms.


Rebecca Minkoff Square Silk Scarf with Tassels

Black tassels add zest to Minkoff’s vibrantly-colored silk square.


Kate Spade Cotton & Silk Scarf in Navy Floral

If your white t-shirt could talk, it would ask for this tassel-trimmed, navy-floral scarf.


Alexander McQueen Tasseled Scarf with Snakes & Flowers

We aren’t generally huge fans of snakes, but this scarf is so irresistible, it won us over.


Etro Sciarpa Delhy Scarf

Etro’s floaty scarf with metallic trim is what tangerine dreams are made of.



The skinny scarf first emerged on runways a few seasons ago, and there are no signs that the trend will run its course any time soon. Skinnys are a great way to add interest without adding bulk when the summer sun is at its peak.

Gucci Flowers Silk Twill Neck Scarf

We love the Gucci skinny scarf tied to one side around the neck, or as an accent on a handbag.


Kate Spade Geo Stripe Skinny Scarf

Dress up your summer khakis with a skinny scarf in striped turquoise and brown.


Magda Butrym Ruffled Striped Scarf

Black and white. Ruffles and stripes. Magda Butrym knows how to combine design elements for a dramatic presentation. Pair with Butrym’s matching shirt for an unforgettable look.


Saint Laurent Feather Trimmed Skinny Scarf

We like to think that Saint Laurent’s feather-trimmed skinny scarf is something that Liza Minelli’s character, Sally Bowles (from the 1972 film Cabaret) would wear.


Chan Luu Beaded Print Georgette Scarf

Wear it draped on your neck, wrapped around your wrist or tied on a handbag. Chan Luu’s beaded skinny scarf is endlessly versatile.



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