This Summer, Make Your Skincare Regimen Simple But Effective

By Karen Fragala-Smith

Once the sun’s tentacles fully unfurl and steam begins rising up from the asphalt, the last thing any of us will be thinking about is how to properly care for our skin. When summer’s scorching rays hit their peak, it seems more expedient to determine which market has the best watermelon, whether there is traffic on the way to the beach or if anyone will notice when we duck under a tree for an hour to read a book. But a dedicated summer skincare regimen can denote the difference between the salvation of a luminous glow or the doom of permanent sun damage. So, before the tropical malaise hits, we recommend assembling a simple arsenal of skincare essentials. Because it’s summer and we know you’ve got better things to do, we’re going to keep this simple.


Summer cleansing products must be gentle to avoid irritation but thorough to properly remove dirt and impurities from pores. Th e Facial Treatment Cleansing OiI—and the whole SKII skincare line—contains natural extracts that protect skin from premature aging and help fade dark spots caused by sun exposure. Fair-skinned Hollywood goddess Cate Blanchett credits her flawless complexion to her dedicated use of SKII products, which have proven to be just as effective on mere mortals like us.


Our love affair with all-in-ones continues with BB creams for summer. What could be easier than having your moisturizer, sunscreen, and complexion perfecting make-up together in a single product? Dior’s Hydra Life provides exceptional coverage and skin-refining benefits but is available in a somewhat limited palate.

BareMinerals’ Complexion Rescue provides similar SPF and moisturizing properties and comes in 17 shades, encompassing nearly every skin tone.


There is no sense in applying a full face of cosmetics in the comfort of an air conditioned home if your efforts will melt away the moment you walk outside. Summer beauty is all about a fresh, natural look. So if you’ve already protected and perfected your face with BB cream, then a touch of kohl on the eyes and a blush of color on the lips is all you need for a polished visage. Ultra Shine Lip Color from Tom Ford is perfectly formulated for summer. It’s a lightweight lipstick with the rich emollients of a lip balm and comes in six colors, including a subtle nude (Delectable02) and a high-octane crimson (Indulgent08).

Waterproof mascaras hold up well to the rigors of sun and sweat but can sometimes be drying on lashes. Givenchy’s Phenomen’Eye Waterproof Panoramic Mascara is easy to apply, gentle on the eyes, and gives you a wonderful wide-eyed look even if you were up late the night before stoking a beachside bonfire. E


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