Tom Ford Kicks off New York Fashion Week With an Impeccable Barrage of Textured Suits and Pencil Skirts

Elysian’s Tom Ford Hotlist is now in stores

New York Fashion Week’s Spring/Summer 2019 presentations kicked off with a resounding boom as supermodels Gigi Hadid and Kaia Gerber strutted down the runway for Tom Ford while superstars Tom Hank and Cardi B peered fervently from the front row. Early forecast for Spring 2019? It’s going to be hotter than hell.

The Tom Ford woman is always impeccable without trying too hard. She doesn’t showcase her wares in bodycon spandex like those L.A. socialites. She’s all about pencil skirts and Le Smoking jackets in ravishing satins with touches of lace and textured leathers. She’s well-heeled and well-traveled; self-financed and self-assured. Why should she sit in the salon for hours getting the perfect blow-out? She doesn’t need your approval. She’ll tie on a head scarf and pencil in a smoky eye before dashing off to dinner at the Polo Bar or drinks at the Gilded Lilly. She’s impetuous but not unbridled: she just likes to live by her own rules. She carries an oversized tote instead of a handbag, and wears sunglasses–the bigger, the darker, the better–even when it rains. She likes her heels high and her toes pointy. And when she Ubers home it’s either Tribeca or Park Slope because the Upper East Side is a bore. She’s perpetually aloof, but not unkind. She’s just busy plotting her next move.

If you, too are plotting your next move and envision yourself clad in Tom Ford, you might want to take a deep breath. The global fashion industry’s supply chain is hastening, but in general, runway presentations are shown to buyers and critics months before the garments and accessories hit stores. But it’s not as if Tom Ford’s Fall 2018 Collection (which hit the runways last February) is lacking. There are loads of fabulous looks you can snatch up immediately, thanks to our friends at Net-a-Porter. Elysian’s Top Picks:

Tom Ford Ruched Jersey Dress


The Ruched Jersey Dress is the very definition of day-into-night dressing. Versatile and flattering, it can be worn under a blazer for an office-appropriate look or paired with chandelier earrings and strappy heels to dial up the glamour for night.

$2,450 |

Tom Ford Padlock Pumps


As far as strappy heels go, we are hard pressed to find a sexier pair than Ford’s Padlock Pumps in black patent leather. Elegance has never been so subversive.

$1,190 |

Tom Ford Sequined Dress


In the Donna Summer musical on Broadway, the Queen of Disco recounts: “I wasn’t just AT the party, I WAS the party.” We think Tom Ford’s Sequined Stretch-Chiffon Mini is going to make you feel that way, too.

$4,990 |

Tom Ford Leather-Trimmed Skirt


Tom Ford’s genius is in his ability to design clothing that flatters the body’s curves without ever looking overdone. Exhibit A: Tom Ford Leather Trimmed Wool Blend Midi Skirt.

$1,850 |


The words “stretch” and “leather” don’t usually appear in the same sentence. But we’ve gotten used to Tom Ford bringing things to life that surpass what can be found in nature. And we thank you for these leather leggings, Sir.

$2,990 |


Could anything be more perfect to pair with Ford’s stretch leggings than his One-shoulder Mohair and Silk Sweater? Agreed.

$1,390 |


We always seem to end up carting around a large tote, but this Zip-embellished Leather Clutch is definitely one of our most cherished #StyleGoals.

$1,990 |


It’s not just the squared-off shape and smoky lense that we love about these Tom Ford cat-eye sunnies. We love those cute little T’s in the corner.

$395 |


Sure, it’s still sunny and warm in September, but come January and you’re going to be calling your friends in Miami complaining about the weather and suggesting that there may be a sudden opening in your schedule for an impromptu trip. And when you get back from Miami, you can bundle up in Ford’s magnificent silk-lined shearling. It is guaranteed to be impermeable to even the harshest Nor’-east winds.

$9,800 |


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