Travel Basic(s)

Toiletries can be the biggest battle to win when traveling light. A seasoned pro offers tips and tricks to carrying-on with just a carry-on.

By Amy Zimmer

If you are a seasoned traveler (or not), you know that the words “travel basic” are almost as traumatic as giving up that cup of joe or green tea come sunrise. Morning rituals are in our DNA, and so at this point should be our travel routine. It is certainly something that becomes fine-tuned with practice. I do not consider myself a pro, but let’s agree on “seasoned.” My claim to fame is traveling to India for a week with just a carry-on. I totally impressed myself, my husband, and the gentleman at the airport who was assigned to us for the week of travel. So let’s get down to business!

“BEAUTY” (toiletries) & “THE BEAST” (oversized luggage)

I think we all agree that toiletries can be the largest battle to win because we want to take everything we own “just in case.” The truth is, you will survive a week – even two – with these basic tips:

1. Always keep a travel toiletries bag on hand with everything you will need for a week except for obvious things, such as medication. If your trip will last longer than a week, add a few more basics.

2. Hit your favorite makeup counters for samples. This is a great way to try new creams, perfumes or just to restock on your favorites. The helpful ladies at the counters are happy to share with you the latest and greatest … let them. They will even ship them home for you at no cost, and if you are lucky, no tax.

3. Pack a travel-size coconut oil. It can be used as body lotion, makeup remover, or as a hair care oil. My favorite is by Ligne St. Barth *.

Golden Rule: Never travel with full-size anything, it takes up valuable space for that extra pair of shoes. You don’t want to be asked at security to throw out that expensive cream because you forgot to put it in your check-in bag. Don’t laugh; you know it has happened to you, or you have witnessed it happen to someone. Do a “toiletries intervention” with yourself and get that under control before your next trip. Force yourself to do it.

A Word About Makeup: Makeup is an extension of your toiletries, and again, you don’t need a professional-size makeup case unless you are going to be a contestant in a beauty pageant. Find a universal foundation like my new favorite by Revisions Skincare*, Intellishade TruPhysical. It is a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen. Many of your favorite cosmetic lines make compacts that include multi-eye colors, blush, and often even a bronzer. Some of my favorites are by Chanel* and Beautycounter*. They offer color palettes with most of your necessities. They can even be packed in your travel bag and always ready for last-minute trips. If you have a special event you are going to and have the time, book a makeup session at a local department store beauty counter. They offer this service for free or for a minimal charge. Again, a great way to try a new product.

Safe travels until we meet again!





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