Traveling to Cherry Blossoms in Serenity

Qatar Airways offers the world’s best luxury experience when flying to Japan for the sakura matsuri.

Cherry blossoms absolutely take over Japan each and every spring. Sakura matsuri, or cherry blossom festival, is recognized all over the country. For the few weeks the blossoms wave across Japan, festival locations become some of the biggest travel destinations in the world, one being Tokyo with its world-famous Senkoji Park, boasting more than one thousand species of cherry blossom tree. With only a very short blooming period, locals and travelers alike have to take advantage of that time.

The official flower of Japan, sakura or cherry blossom is also considered a powerful, spiritual metaphor for human existence. The blooms burst onto the scene powerfully, gloriously – and then are gone. Such as is life, with our lives fleeting by with only a short time to appreciate its beauty.

While there is no question of wanting to experience the sakura matsuri, there is one daunting prospect: a flight all the way to Tokyo. You can travel there in style with Qatar Airways. Though one of the youngest global airlines in the world, Qatar Airways has proven itself to the world and has become one of the top choices for air travel in the last decade. Recently awarded the 2017 Airline of the Year (for the fourth time), World’s Best Business Class and Best First Class Lounge, from Skytrax, Qatar Airways prides itself on luxury and service. Offering a special on flights to Tokyo during this magical time of the year, you can be sure that Qatar Airways will deliver you to this glorious festival in style. Book fast – before it’s too late.

A long-haul flight is not usually considered “luxurious,” in any sense of the word. Qatar Airways aims to change your perception of luxury air travel, namely through their revolutionary Qsuites. A Qsuite is exactly what it sounds like: a private suite with walls and doors, ambient lighting, generous storage and beds that lie fully flat. Moveable panels and seats allow you to transform your suite into a social area when traveling with friends and family, or to block off others for a private relaxation space. With built-in media centers for each seat, they also offer more than 4,000 different entertainment options, and the on-flight cuisine is so exquisite, you’ll swear you were dining in a restaurant.

Passengers enjoy the comfort and extra space of a Qsuite aboard Qatar Airways.

For flight with a stopover, Qatar Airways offers free transit visas for all passengers, as well as a complimentary one-night stay at the one of the many international hotels located in Doha. There, you can visit the Museum of Islamic Art, considered one of the best museums in the region, or Souq Waqif, a centuries-old marketplace, famous for its traditional garments, spices and handicrafts. Being one of the world’s biggest buyers of art, Qatar and the Al Thani ruling family are certainly developing their country’s reputation as a cultural hotspot.

What’s not to love about a flight to Tokyo with Qatar Airways? You can traverse the whole of the earth and gain two unique cultural experiences in all in one package.


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