Trend Report: Footwear Adorned With Pearls

Elysian’s Look at Fall’s Hot Style Statement

Since ancient times, pearls have been a symbol of wisdom gained through life experience. They also represent purity, generosity, integrity and loyalty, and are said to have calming, karma-balancing properties. We can’t attest to the pearl’s metaphysical powers one way or another, but we sure think they’re pretty to look at. And evidently, so do a lot of shoe designers. Footwear adorned with pearls is showing up everywhere this fall. Rest assured that no one is using genuine pearls on shoes, just faux. Fashion cities like New York, Paris and Milan have far too many sidewalk grates to make that viable in the case of a pearl pop-off.

Gucci Marmont Logo and Faux Pearl Embellished Leather Collapsible Heel Pumps

Loafers are what you wear when you want to keep it understated. Gucci loafers are on the other end of that spectrum. A dramatic gold logo and pearl-embellished block heels make these loafers unforgettable.

$1,150 |

Jimmy Choo Hannah Faux Pearl Embellished Leather Ankle Boots

What’s not to love about a rugged, foot-stomping pair of boots that sparkle close-up thanks to tiny faux pearls along the seams?

$1,495 |

Nicholas Kirkwood Mira Faux Pearl Embellished Suede Ankle Boots

Kirkwood’s shoe designs are inspired by the architecture of Zaha Hadid: majestic with a touch of whimsy. One look at the Mira shoe, and we can affirm: yup, that tracks.

$895 |

Miu Miu Faux Pearl Embellished Suede Slingback Pumps

These festive Miu Miu Pearl Embellished slingbacks showed up everywhere in Miu Miu’s fall campaigns, and we totally understand why. They are ladylike and festive, and never met a skirt they didn’t like.

$990 |

Rene Caovilla Faux Pearl Embellished Velvet Pumps

The Miniature faux pearls along the front of Rene Caovilla’s velvet pumps add a subtle touch of opulence to a classic design.

$990 |

Jimmy Choo Lark Faux Pearl Embellished Leather Pumps

Almost every item in Jimmy Choo’s Fall ‘18 collection is embellished with pearls. As they say, God is in the details, and it’s the details that make these shows so extraordinary, particularly the pearlized ankle strap and the v-cut vamp.

$1,195 |

Nicholas Kirkwood Casati Embellished Metallic Textured Leather Ankle Boots

Kirkwood’s metallic leather ankle boots will shine like the top of the Chrysler Building against the darker pieces in your fall and winter wardrobe.

$1,250 |

Gucci White Pearl Sneakers

Gucci took the iconic crisp white tennis shoe, jazzed it up with a logo and jazzed up the logo with pearls, studs and spikes. We like where this is going.

$670 |

3.1 Phillip Lim Hayett Faux Pearl Embellished Leather Ankle Boots

Phillip Lim’s Fall ‘18 collection is all about fusing feminine colors and details with a masculine silhouette. We think it works particularly well with the Hayett Pearl Embellished Ankle Boot.

$750 |

Gucci Embellished Leather Platform Loafers

The Gucci Platform Loafer is the naughty younger sister of Gucci’s Marmont Loafer. She may be incorrigible, but she is definitely going somewhere.

$1,250 |


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