Wake Up Call: Micropigmentation

This trendy beauty treatment reawakens your youth.

By Amy Zimmer

Have you ever dreamed of waking up with fresh, natural-looking eyeliner and rosy lips? Or perhaps coming out of the pool as if you just applied a fresh coat of lipstick? Or after completing a class of Pure Barre, you still look fresh enough for an after-burn cocktail? You get the picture. Thanks to micropigmentation, applied by a professional, you can. These techniques have been used to help many people with skin discoloration and scarring, or for those that just want that “ready look” 24/7.

The most common treatments are eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip color. When selecting a professional to apply your makeup, there are a few important facts to consider.

[ 1 ] Use a professional with experience, preferably one that comes recommended or one whose work you have seen. The colors that professionals use do not contain any metals, such as ferrous or nickel, and are certified safe with no health risk.

[ 2 ] Don’t expect this treatment to totally eliminate the need for makeup in the treated areas. It is designed to enhance your natural beauty and give you freedom from that constant feeling of, but I have to put on my makeup first. Your gym rat friends will be envious that your liner never smears and your lips are always glowing even after wiping the sweat from your face.

[ 3 ] For your lips, take lipsticks you use on a daily basis to find the perfect base tone. If you only wear red lipstick on special occasions, you certainly don’t want permanent red lips. Again, keep it natural and please, no heavy, dark lip liner. If the proper gradient technique is used, combined with a golden shimmer or opal shimmer applied to the center, this will create a fuller lip.

[ 4 ] For the eyeliner, black or a graphite blue. While a cat-eye is beautiful for an evening look, as we tend to age, the outer corners of our eyes start to sag. If the eyeliner is applied too far out to create a “batwing” effect, it can later turn down and will be very hard to correct. You can always add more makeup when a more dramatic look is needed.

[ 5 ] Each area that is treated will take up to 2 hours. I would recommend to keep the treatments separate as there is some discomfort during the process. Even though a numbing agent is applied, I suggest taking something to relax due to the sensitive areas being treated.


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