Weathering the Winter in Luxury

ELYSIAN Executive Editor of Graceful Living Rhonda Wilkins shows us how to do winter right.

By Rhonda Wilkins

On the Menu

As can be expected, the winter months are a time of indulgence and tradition, and no holiday spread can be complete without caviar. In my opinion, there’s only one way to go with your caviar: Golden Osetra. And there’s only one place to procure this delicacy once reserved for royalty: Caviar Russe. Slightly less salty than most varieties, Golden Osetra has a subtly sweet and nutty quality that makes it an ideal mate for homemade crêpes. Rather than the traditional (and heavier) blini, I find that light, fluffy crêpes topped with Golden Osetra and a mixture of crème fraîche and sour cream allows the flavor of the caviar to really sing.

Of course, with more than 27 different species of sturgeon, and many more non-sturgeon fish that have their roe made into fine caviar, there’s a plethora of distinct textures and tastes, so it’s completely determinant to your palate. Whether your preference lies in saltier or less brinier tastes, smaller or headier pearls, always purchase the best you can afford.

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Bestowing Spirit

The art of gift-giving can be a tough one to crack, so I stick to what I know. My golden rule? Always give something that you would like to receive. Whether perusing Place des Lices flea market in Saint Tropez or visiting the consignment shops that dot West Palm Beach’s Antique Row, I’m always in search of vintage elegance. Think silver escargot forks and mother-of-pearl demitasse spoons. What could be a better gift than a piece of history you can hold in your hands?

Statement pieces that are timeless, quality items you’ll have for the rest of your life, also make wonderful presents. Gift-giving should be fun! While a LOOG Guitar might be a little too expensive to expect in your stocking, you can always ask even if we might not always receive.

Gifts from the heart, with a personal touch, truly demonstrate a level of thoughtfulness and care that just cannot be expressed with a simple bottle of wine. I never come to a gathering empty handed, and I always make sure my guests leave fêtes with something to make the evening all the more memorable. During the holidays, I enjoy spending my hours in the kitchen crafting homemade scrubs, chicken liver pâté, hot pepper jam and several classic recipes to which I always add my own twist. Regardless of the creation I whip up for those near and dear, I like to wrap gifts in a personalized ribbon for a delicate touch of personal detail.

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