Your Hair Needs Sunscreen

Elysian’s favorite Products For Banishing Dry Hair From Your Summer Calendar

I know you’ve been really busy swimming, boating, sunbathing, golfing and otherwise enjoying summer. But don’t forget to show some love to that magical stuff that grows forth from your scalp. Yep, summer can be tough on hair. Dyes and regular heat styling can cause your hair’s cuticle to become fragile, resulting in breakage or visible damage. Even if your locks are otherwise pampered and cared for during fall, winter and spring, summer makes haircare a serious challenge. We’ve all been schooled on using sunscreen to protect our skin from dangerous ultraviolet rays – but how about sunscreen for your hair?

Yep, it’s really a thing.

General Care

We are particularly partial to Aveda’s Sun Care Protective Hair Veil. It contains wintergreen and cinnamon bark which form an invisible barrier between your hair and the sun’s rays. Additional benefit: it smells like happiness (neroli, ylang ylang and citrus to be precise).



Too Much Chlorine?

From May to September, we want to log as much pool time as possible, but pool chemicals have a tendency to dry hair and interfere with its color. Babo Botanicals Cucumber Swim & Sport Shampoo and conditioner are our go-to products for eliminating the smell and damaging effects of the pool and the sea. The hydrating formula contains natural botanicals such as kudzu, calendula and watercress to naturally smooth your hair’s cuticle.

Shampoo ($13.29 | ・ Conditioner ($10.39 |


Damaged Hair 

For damaged hair that needs extra TLC and requires a daily wash, we recommend Aveda’s Sun Care Skin and Body Cleanser. It effectively removes chlorine, salt and other residues from your hair and body, and contains coconut oil and tamamu oil as gentle conditioners.

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If your summer hair care regimen has already inflicted a fair share of damage on your beautiful tresses, we recommend Aveda’s After Sun Deep Conditioning Masque. After a single use, your hair will appear shinier and healthier and with regular usage, you’ll be able to completely banish dry hair from your summer calendar.



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