Dr. Katherine Birchenough

Editor of Health

Dr. Katherine Birchenough is the dedicated Health editor of ELYSIAN magazine.
Katherine Birchenough is a board-certified emergency medical doctor and was only the fourth MD in South Carolina to be certified through the Institute for Functional Medicine. For 12 years, she watched as unhealthy environments and poor lifestyle choices affected the health of her patients. She realized the pursuit of health, beyond just the absence of disease, is a specialty in and of itself but wasn’t available to traditional medical students. This realization brought her to a new career path in functional medicine and has fueled her passion to treat the patient, not just the symptoms.

Dr. Birchenough's Articles

The Season of Renewal

By Katherine Birchenough Lately, I’ve been thinking about how strongly we are influenced by light and the seasons. Have you ever noticed that in winter

A Holistic Approach to Medicine

A holistic approach to medicine, like that employed by the Klinik Tiefenbrunnen of the Dolder Grand, blurs the line between specialties.

Beat the Burnout Now!

Here’s your chance to opt for that ounce of prevention: out with old bad habits, in with newfound respect for yourself. It’s time to raise your standards!

Optimal Self - Dr. Katherine Birchenough

Optimal Self

In her very first column, Dr. Katherine Birchenough offers advice and insight into achieving ultimate health and the benefits of functional medicine.