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Photo of Karen Floyd
Karen Floyd

Karen Floyd is the Founder, CEO and Publisher of ELYSIAN Magazine.

Abby Deering
Abby Deering

Abby Deering is the Editor-in-Chief & Director of Strategic Partnerships for ELYSIAN Magazine.

Photo of Hannah Shepard
Hannah Shepard

Hannah Shepard is the Managing Editor and dedicated Arts & Culture editor of ELYSIAN magazine.

Photo of Martha Wiedemann
Martha Wiedemann

Martha Wiedemann is the dedicated Wellness editor of ELYSIAN magazine.

Dr. Birchenough

Dr. Katherine Birchenough is the dedicated Health editor of ELYSIAN magazine.

Photo of Kathie Bennett
Kathie Bennett

Kathie Bennett is the dedicated Literature editor of ELYSIAN magazine.

Photo of Trish Carroll
Trish Carroll

Trish Carroll is the dedicated Style & Beauty editor of ELYSIAN magazine.

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