Lou Kennedy

CEO & Owner of Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corp.

For more than 18 years, Lou Kennedy has worked for Nephron Pharmaceuticals. In 2007, Lou assumed the lead position as the company’s CEO. Experiencing mercuric growth, doubling the employee base in less than two years and completing a $12 million expansion in March of 2019 for an additional 50,000 square feet, Lou seeks the best high-tech equipment (95 percent of which heralds from Germany or Switzerland) to fill the state of the art facility.

You are an only child. Was your mother an educator?

Yes. My mother was a schoolteacher for 40 years. She was great with very unruly little boys and was an amazing first grade teacher for that reason. I think she was more comfortable around males. I probably have a little bit of that tendency. She is a very loyal woman and very protective of her family. She is also very direct and expects a lot. I believe that 100 percent of the reason I am a perfectionist and hard worker is because she expected a lot. That is not to say she was pushy. She would say, “I’m okay with any of your results, it just needs to be the very best you can give.” She never said, “I expect As.” She just expected me to live inside the rulebook.

You were recently inducted into the S.C. Public School Graduates and S.C. Educator Hall Fame.

Yes, I am proud of that award. I have no idea who nominated me. I get very tired of hearing that we need to work on education in South Carolina. I agree. We should always strive to be better. We have a lot of opportunity to improve, but we also have a lot of success. When we continually talk about what’s wrong, we don’t celebrate what’s right. There are quite a few of us that turned out to be okay, and we were educated here in South Carolina. Let’s talk about that. Not just what’s wrong, but what’s right.

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