A Simple Refresh for Each Room of your Home

By Elizabeth Vizzone

by ELYSIAN Magazine

As seasons change and we shift out of our wardrobes into more weather-appropriate clothing, we often neglect to do the same with the rooms we spend the most time in our homes. Or, if you are just bored with what you have and simply want a new look, it’s time for an update.

My goal with all things home is to create the most beautiful room without spending much. Even if I can afford an expensive lamp, why spend the money if I can get one that’s similar for a fraction of the price? Only you will know! Before updating any room, take the time to declutter and edit what you need or what has accumulated since you last did the same exercise. In our busy lives we tend to collect things, and it’s a great idea to take stock every now and then. 


In my home’s front foyer, I try to always have fresh flowers or one of my favorite orchids. The way to freshen the look is dictated by the flower or plant you choose and the vase or decanter you use to house them. I will often cut down a few branches from the trees in my yard to create a large display that feels like nature in your home. The bowl my orchid is in looks like a basket, which brings an organic look and feel to the plant. Scented candles are also a great item to display in your foyer or kitchen, with scents that make you feel like you are in an expensive hotel or just bring a lovely fragrance into your home. The stools under our foyer table are upholstered in black textured velvet, which could be updated to a more summer look by adding a lightweight throw blanket. Or, remove the stools and substitute them with two large woven baskets that could also be used to store pillows or throws. 



In the living room we changed out the throw on the sofa to lighter weight cashmere, as we still like a cover when one of us stretches out on the sofa with a good book. The flowers and vase reflect the season by what you select and how you decide to arrange them. We also changed out the throw pillows to lighter-weight cotton Fornasetti that match the simple décor and are always a conversation piece with their whimsical face details that are different on every pillow. Adding a basket for the firewood brings some warmth and an organic feel to the room as well as being functional. Often if I know we aren’t using the fireplace I’ll stack white birch wood in it, as it’s pretty to look at.




In the dining room I placed potted plants with white flowers on the dining room table. There used to be a rule that you shouldn’t place any plant with dirt on a table, but I think we can safely put that rule behind us. Or, if you agree with that rule, then several vases with fresh flowers always looks great. I love the shape of the white candlesticks we have added next to the plants as well. 

In the family room we also changed out the throw blanket and pillow to lighter weight for the warmer months. I added fresh flowers and a scented candle to the large wicker tray on the coffee table. The tray is oversized to hold magazines, the television remote and whatever else you need to add, so it’s functional as well as a pretty organic element in the room.


In my bedroom I found a linen bed cover on sale, along with pillow shams that are lighter weight for the warmer months. I then purchased inexpensive throw pillow covers for the pillows I already had and stored the covers until I want to use them again. 

Again, fresh flowers make every room feel more elegant, and I love the scented candle I keep next to my bed that my children purchased for me. The scent is heavenly and is relaxing before going to sleep. 

In my office I traded out my hard trash can for a woven basket, since I don’t discard any food trash in there. I often will buy fresh white roses as a special treat to keep on my desk as they brighten my day when I am working. They are usually on sale in my local grocery store, and they last for up to a week. The chairs at my desk for guests are beautiful but hard on the back, so I added soft pillows for comfort. They also look pretty against the metal chair. The pillows could be changed seasonally as well.

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