A Winter White Ensemble

by Elysian Magazine

Elegant Understatement That’s Perfect for This Time of Year

White. It’s classy. It’s elegant. It’s elevated and effortless. An all-white outfit is not just for summertime or brides. It’s sensational in winter! There are so many tints to white—cream, eggshell, snow white—that all need to do is “mix up” the whites you choose in your wardrobe pieces and accessories and instead of a monochrome look, you’ve added texture, variety, and excitement to your winter wonderland “look.”

Putting together your white outfit in winter is not difficult. White is “in” this season—everything from white coats, scarves, gloves, furs and cashmere, white wool slacks, sweaters, and boots, and for winter eveningwear, there’s nothing more stunning that a white or silver dress. White is seasonless and works as easily at nighttime as it does during the day.

To start building your outfit, pick one important piece and build around. Because it’s winter start with a wonderful white winter coat. Next, choose a white sweater that looks great under the coat—maybe a turtleneck to peak out from the collar—and because it’s cold, find a great pair of pants, maybe some high-waisted fine wool pants, or skinny jeans in cream. Whatever you select, keep it classic and casual because you can always change it up with accessories

White leather boots very trendy this season. You may be a heel girl but you may prefer something with a low heel or flat. Because you’re wearing pants, the pants you choose will determine whether you need an ankle-high boot or a knee-high boot. You can tuck skinny jeans into a knee-high boot but if you’re wearing wide or flared pants, an ankle-high boot’s the thing.

Now, to the fun part: accessories, like a cream leather clutch or purse and a big, cashmere scarf in a solid cream or white. For jewelry, mix silver and gold, especially with white. Since you’re pretty covered up, great earrings and a watch will do it.

When it’s cold you’ll want to wear a hat but how about something a little different, like great ear muffs in faux fur? For a final twist, get a beautiful pair of elbow-length leather gloves that you can pull over the sleeves of your sweater.

Winter white is not only a fashion statement, but it’s bright, cheerful, and brightens your mood!

By Hope Harvard

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