Appliances that Set the Tone

By Brenna Kehew Sculley

by ELYSIAN Magazine

We all know the kitchen is the heart of the home, and choosing a stove is the hearth that gives that home its warmth and sustenance. A stove is a major anchor appliance that completes a kitchen and sets the look for your entire room. 

The new Viking Tuscany line offers a huge focal-point appliance, available in eye-catching colors and massive sizes, taking your kitchen from run-of-the-mill to state-of-the-art in an instant. 

Café appliances are one of the more recent game-changers, focusing on the look of the appliances and investing in the beauty of a functional item without compromising the quality. Their handles come in many shapes and finishes, and these items give the entire room a finished look. 

For the ultimate customization, La Cornue offers a superior cooking experience with the beauty that luxury buyers expect. Their blue colorways are stunning and evoke a Parisian home, and these ranges are a true showpiece in any kitchen. La Cornue stoves are available in many configurations and in gas and induction. 

Beyond the style of your stove, you will need to choose between electric, gas, and induction. While gas stoves has long been considered the stove of choice for chefs, given the recent gas stove headlines, currently rising in favor is the induction stove. 

The challenge with induction stoves is that there are not as many large and impressive showpieces available, but there are still beautiful options. 

The new Bertazzoni ranges are superb cooking appliances designed, engineered and made in Italy. 

The focus on unique stoves is perhaps most seen in the fans of AGA stoves. Ballerina Farm – owned by the the Neelemans, a popular influencer family – is famous for its beautiful aesthetic, fresh breads, handmade mozzarella atop bubbling scratch-made meatballs, charming children underfoot, and a stunning green stove that looks like it might have been built in 1900. 

The cast iron stove runs on propane and not only cooks the family’s food, but it also heats their home. AGA stoves like this one never turn off.  Its heavy cast iron absorbs a tremendous amount of heat from the active burner. The four ovens each have a set temperature (425F, 350F, 240F, 120F), and all cooking need to be done at one of these four oven temps. The two large stovetops are also nonadjustable; they are simply hot as result of the ovens below. One stovetop is very hot and used for boiling, while the other is for simmering. The stovetops maintain these temperatures all day, every day. 

With century-old heritage, AGA has become the hearth of the home in Britain, creating generations of passionate and loyal owners that have made cooking on an AGA range a way of life. 

From top to bottom, there innumerable options available today to customize your kitchen – whether it’s colorful and traditional range hoods from Smeg’s Portofino line, or sleek and chic hoods from Zephyr that achieve a more modern look, every option exists to achieve your dream. 

Integrating and hiding appliances is a smart way to make your kitchen feel clutter-free. For smaller appliances, like food processers and standing mixers, a new popular trend is creating an appliance garage – a door that pulls down to hide these small items, but keeps them on the counter for easy access and use. 

For some, the only way to live is with two kitchens – a butler’s pantry and a show kitchen, which allows you to have the massive clean island as a focal point of your design, and keeps all the essentials of the kitchen work triangle tucked away from the eyes of guests. 

When making the design choices in your kitchen, it’s important to keep in mind your usage and what is best for you and your family – and to make sure it is beautiful.

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