Art Basel: Dress for a Non-Stop, Day-to-Night Journey

By Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin

by ELYSIAN Magazine

I had the pleasure of attending Art Basel Miami Beach 2022, which featured many famed artists, some of which are SohoMuse members. I was fully immersed in a world of art and creativity that was truly inspirational in all senses of the word. I found the event to be very interesting and unique, seeing how alive Art Basel was coming out of the pandemic. People were traveling from all corners of the globe to attend – people in fashion, art, and media, as well as influencers and buyers. The level of excitement and interest to view works of art and collaborations post-pandemic was truly a sight to see.

I was able to view phenomenal artwork from artists of all different backgrounds, which fueled my appreciation for the art and artists the world has to offer. Of course, an event of such magnitude as Art Basel called for a very particular sense of style that I gravitated toward. Due to the nature of Art Basel, which comprises many different events, galleries, and settings, I had to dress for a non-stop, day-to-night journey. With this in mind, I chose to wear different standard jumpsuits, often in white, which would be perfect for the various activities I would be partaking in. My time at Art Basel was filled with running around and being pulled in a thousand different directions, which called for a style that was both timeless and fitting for all occasions.

Art Basel showcased art that comprised a multitude of mediums, from paintings, sculptures, fashion, and design. One notable collaboration I admired was Louis Vuitton’s partnering with the artist Yayoi Kusama, a debut collaboration that featured handbags and dresses covered in her iconic colorful polka dots, creating playful imagery.

Another inspirational group I adored was the Carpenters Workshop Gallery, which featured exhibits of functional art and collectible designs from artists and designers, both rising stars and established. I was amazed by the phenomenal work and mission of the Carpenters Workshop Gallery, as they have been able to accomplish an immense number of achievements. I had the pleasure of seeing Ashlee Harrison, the Director of the Americas at Carpenters Workshop Gallery, an individual who is doing some truly amazing things. The Carpenters Workshop Gallery did a collaboration with an artist named Loree Rodkin, who has created magnificent jewelry with intricate detailing for icons such as Madonna, Elton John, Cher, and Michelle Obama. My friend Robin Cofer and I had the pleasure of wearing such precious pieces of jewelry by Loree Rodkin at the event.

Overall, I had a phenomenal time attending Art Basel Miami Beach 2022, as always going in style, witnessing beautiful artwork, and meeting inspirational people.

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