Featured Expert — Brenna K Sculley


by Elysian Magazine

Brenna Kehew Sculley is a dedicated champion for civility, nonpartisan cooperation, women’s leadership, and a good time. She currently serves as the Director of Policy for the National Foundation for Women Legislators, where she coordinates with industry partners and elected officials to bring policy programming to life through in-person events and digital resources.

With twelve years immersed in state policy, Brenna has developed content on a wide variety of issues including healthcare, energy, finance, and technology. Previously, she directed policy programming, website content, and social media for the Women In Government organization, honed her communications skills in a support role at the American University Graduate School of Communications, and has been a regular volunteer for campaigns on both sides of the aisle.

Brenna currently resides in Concord, NH, with her husband and two young daughters, Margaux and Juliana. She balances travel for work, preschool drop offs, remote work, and childcare woes and finds time to squeeze in the occasional girls trip. She is close to her Rhode Island roots every summer and visits DC often to stay connected to the political pulse. You can email her at  brennakehewsculley@gmail.com

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