Broadway officially opened last night!

by Elysian Magazine


Broadway officially opened last night—and who better to do it than multi-award-winning Broadway star KRISTIN  CHENOWETH.

NEW YORK CITY. September 16. After a dark year-and-a-half, the lights finally went on Broadway at the Gershwin Theatre—and how fitting, at a landmark named after two of the musical theatre’s greatest notables of all, George and Ira Gershwin. Just about as notable is the woman who heralded in the new: multi-award-winning start of the stage and screen, KRISTIN CHENOWETH, 53, who emerged from the packed house, there to see the smash hit, Wicked, and joyfully cried, “Hello New York! Okay, so I have to say it…there’s no place like home!”

Wicked was just one of the high-profile shows that opened last evening. Chicago, Hamilton, and The Lion King also opened their doors to enthusiastic, joyful crowds.

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