Inspiring Women

Martynka Wawrzyniak

Growing up in Poland during the communist revolution profoundly impacted Martynka Wawrzyniak’s life and career as a conceptual artist. Necessities were scarce, and this minimalist way of life is reflected in her work today.
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Chitra Narayanan

Inspired by her father, a career diplomat and later president of India, and her mother who was Burmese, Chitra Narayanan was bound for a global career. Numbered among her many roles are a mother, journalist, editor and publisher, Foreign Service Officer and Ambassador of India to six countries.
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Barbara Martinuzzi

Before becoming an award-winning interior designer, Barbara Martinuzzi had a career as a model, being crowned Miss Italy at the age of 17. Though challenging, for ten years, modeling afforded her independence.
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Grace Bender

A native-born Washingtonian, Grace Bender’s professional life took her into the world of politics. But, she is many things: Morty’s wife, Jack’s mother and a philanthropist of some repute in the nation’s capital.
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