Celebrating Black History Month: Bea Sibblies

by Elysian Magazine

Managing Partner BOS Development, community focused real estate development and brokerage firm based in Harlem
Structured Finance executive with J. P. Morgan Chase

Bea Sibblies is the Managing Partner of BOS Development, a Harlem, New York based community-focused real estate development and brokerage firm. It’s not her degree in Economics and Political Science from Yale. Or her Master’s degree in Business Administration from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Or her position as a Vice President at J.P. Morgan Chase that makes Bea Sibblies a daughter in spirit and soul of Anna J. Cooper.

Bea Sibblies, above everything else, is a Thought Leader. She has a vision that goes beyond the horizon. She has dedicated her life and her heart to build a vibrant community, specifically in South Harlem, through the expansion, renovation, and construction of public, faith-based institutions, and residential buildings. She creates an environment in which men, women, and children thrive and take pride. What’s more, she understands the role of women begins in the home and can go beyond. And so, to help women to reach their goals she created a nonprofit organization called “Higher Heights for America.”

For Bea Sibblies’ full interview click here.

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