Celebrating Black History Month: Judyth Nsababera

by Elysian Magazine

Ambassador from Uganda to China
Presidential Advisor for Uganda

In December 2021, Judyth Nsababera was officially appointed Uganda’s Ambassador to China by President Yoweri Museveni. An internationally recognized advocate of rights for all women, regardless of race, color, or faith, Judyth founded Project Hope for Africa in 2005, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides women and children with life-saving food, water, and medical supplies in war-torn areas of third world countries through the Department of Peacekeeping Operations for the United Nations.

Raised in Rwanda and Uganda, Judyth is one of seven children of a high-ranking Senior Superintendent of Police in the Ugandan Government. Inspired by her mother, “I saw firsthand the value of having a woman in a leadership position, and when I speak about having more women in peacekeeping, decision-making positions, I know because I have my mother as a living example. My mother is very strong, very independent, and I see myself in her, and the things that I do…I believe in the power of the woman.” Prior to her appointment as ambassador, Judyth represented her country as Senior Presidential Advisor for Regional Matters in Italy.

“Whatever our dreams look like, each of us is working to build a better world for ourselves and our children and if we are lucky their children as well. But we cannot do it on our own and we cannot do it within the safety of our safe spaces,” she notes. “That is why opportunities for us as women to come together to share, connect, build camaraderie are important for me. When you look around us, the world is facing unprecedented challenges which in turn require unprecedented solutions. One of those solutions in my view lie in the supportive community of women that we build going forward.”

For Judyth Nsababera’s full interview click here.

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