Celebrating Black History Month: Karen Abercrombie

by Elysian Magazine

Multiple Award-Winning Actress and Producer
Star of box office hit “The War Room” and upcoming made-for-TV movie, Eleanor’s Bench

Actress, producer, speaker, storyteller, and self-proclaimed earth-mother. “I choose to use my time spreading Light, Kindness, Hope and Love into this world,” she says. “I want to make it a better place for ALL people. And that is what I use my God-given gifts and talents to do.”

Her list is not complete until you add one more thing: humanitarian. Karen Abercrombie is Everywoman’s woman. She has taken her blessings and applied them to the betterment of others. That’s not a gift. That’s a calling. This spring she returns to television in ELEANOR’S BENCH as a high-class judge who returns to her old neighborhood to care for her aging father. Subscribe to her YouTube Channel, Living Simply, Naturally, and Well. www.karenabercrombie.com

To read Karen Abercrombie’s full interview click here.

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