Celebrating Black History Month – Phyllis Newhouse

by Elysian Magazine

First Black woman CEO listed within the New York Stock Exchange
First woman to win an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of The Year Award in technology category

Phyllis Newhouse is a serial entrepreneur. No kidding. It’s who she is and what she does. Founder and CEO of Xtreme Solutions, a cybersecurity company, and CEO and cofounder of Athena Technology Acquisition Corp. And that’s not all she does…

Phyllis Newhouse began her career working in intelligence and cybersecurity in the U.S. military more than two decades ago and by 2021, had catapulted to the lofty heights of the New York Stock Exchange as the only black female CEO of a SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company.) Through all this, the youngest of 11 siblings never forgot her that great good fortune did not come easy and so, in 2019, she and American actress Viola Davis cofounded Shoulder Up, a nonprofit to help educate and empower female entrepreneurs around the world to reach their greatest economic, political, and cultural potential. All women, regardless of color, age, social standing, or creed. www.shoulderup.com

To read Phyllis Newhouse’s full interview click here.

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