Cole Brauer: Exploring Our Universe, Here on Earth

By Brenna Kehew Sculley

by Celia Cooksey

Here on earth, there are still innumerable accomplishments and challenges to overcome.

As she competes in the challenging ocean race, Global Solo Challenge, Cole Brauer enters a very small club of sailors as she (at the time of writing) is just about to finish her journey around the world. As featured in a recent New York Times profile, Cole is unique in her youth (aged 29), size (tiny), and general persona in the sailing world (which tends to favor intense). Bubbly and open, Cole shared her travels across the world with her Instagram community that builds by the day. Cole radiates light and ELYSIAN has so enjoyed watching her inspiring journey across the seas.

While coming in second place to French skipper Philippe Delamare, who won the first edition of the Global Solo Challenge on February 27th, Cole joins a powerful short-list of women sailors in history, and will be the first American woman to complete a solo, nonstop sailing race around the world.

Sailing around the world alone is treacherous.  Half of the Global Solo Challenge competitors have pulled out, as dangerous conditions prevented them from sailing forward.  Ocean races are a risk, and many have perished in the pursuit of their sailing goals; the ocean is to never be underestimated, and taking it on alone is an unbelievable achievement.

As Cole is just days away from finishing this almost impossible race, we’re excited to see what is next for this rising sailing star.

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