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Great Plains Safari Conservation

A Green, Environmentally Conscious 100% Sustainable Conservation

Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality, to develop and express ourselves and our ideas in new ways and how one experiences one’s life.’


Karen Blixen (Beryl Markham) dressed like this in Kenya.  Amelia Earhart even designed her own clothing line and wore it flying around the globe.  Whether you, too yearn to gallop along the plains of Kenya or fly a Tiger Moth over Africa as Blixen did, fabrics such as Belgian, Italian, and French linen and pure cotton and take you places—and for good reason.  They last, they keep you cool, and they are practical.

Safari Boutique is a South African-based company that designs fashion for the woman who embraces the challenges and opportunities that nature has to offer while holding to the company’s high standards of social, environmental, and business governance to drive and ensure future sustainability.  Care is taken to implement and maintain environmental practices.  Materials are thoroughly researched and sourced to enhance the essence and integrity of the design.  And as much as possible, support is drawn from the local community of talent, skills, and craftsmanship to foster sustainable communities and socio-economic development.

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“The spirit of exploring has its roots in going out to the far-flung corners of the planet and returning with news, impressions, and insights to our society. These journeys are profound and life-changing, but they are selfless and not just for the sake of exploring, but in the pursuit of knowledge about our planet and our lives,” says Cape Town, South Africa based couple, Dereck and Beverly Joubert, who founded and own the Great Plains Foundation. “We’re National Geographic Explorers at Large, two of just 12 around the world with those duties, so we understand exploring and the nature of expeditions. We also know that there is a need to have the right clothing and equipment, light things that you can carry, clothing that is cool in the tropics and yet, elegant enough to take that special meeting, a sudden delegation of elders, or to meet the president.

The Duba Plains Luxury Safari Resort

“For every item purchased online from the D&B explorer collection, Beverly and Dereck Joubert will donate $10 to the Great Plains Foundation.  The Great Plains Foundation is committed to creating a bright future for some of the most endangered wildlife, fragile ecosystems, and remote communities in the world.

They are primarily a luxury safari destination company that arranges a variety of tours to Kenya, Botswana, and throughout Africa.  To learn more about the Jouberts and their company, www.greatplainsconservation.com

DERECK and BEVERLY JOUBERT, founders and owners of the Great Plains Foundation

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