ELYSIAN Launches CatWalk FurBaby 2024 in New York City

By Jenell McLaughlin

by Celia Cooksey

This weekend, New York City played host to a dazzling display of fashion, fine art and philanthropy as ELYSIAN Impact came together with DRC Ventures, Merci Dupre Clothiers, The Root Brands, and Evey Fine Art in a combination launch party and trunk show set at the Flatiron House with a scenic backdrop of the beautifully lit New York City skyline.

The evening began with an open tour of Evey Fine Art’s newest studio location at the Flatiron House on 23rd Avenue. Guests were then escorted up 26 floors into a vast space showcasing Evey’s latest Cuban artworks, beautiful mannequins dressed in Merci Dupre ensembles specially processed with a protective formula by Dr. Christina Rahm, festive holiday music, cocktails, and ELYSIAN’s new Catwalk FurBaby coffee table book and the recently unveiled Winter Edition of the magazine.

Guests said they were in awe seeing art, fashion, health and wellness come together in one space.

ELYSIAN Publisher Karen Floyd brought the evening together: “It’s truly a gift to be able to share this evening with all of you as ELYSIAN joins together with our partners, Dr. Christina Rahm’s Merci Dupre Clothiers and Evey Fine Art.” The spirit of unity and purpose could be felt by all as Karen opened up the event, setting the stage for an incredible night ahead.

The stunning artwork from Evey Fine Art and Carla Groh not only delighted guests with its beauty, but also gave insight into the vision behind these creative endeavors. As Carla introduced the displayed pieces, her passion for “showcasing established contemporary artists from the Americas and Europe, with a special emphasis on introducing renowned Cuban artists to the global market” resonated with many.

One highlight of the evening was the sneak peek at plans for the Second Annual Catwalk FurBaby event. As head of ELYSIAN Impact, Kimberli Scott shared what this project means on a personal level. Having her own beloved fur family at home, she is committed to animal welfare and finding homes for shelter pets. The inaugural event in 2023 successfully supported rescues across the country, and Kimberli gave guests a taste of the excitement to come as they prepare to host this impactful fundraiser and advocacy opportunity once again during Fall New York Fashion Week 2024.

The launch party was an elegant night full of connection and inspiration as three organizations partnered to support pet philanthropy. Karen beautifully set the tone for the event, and Kimberli detailed plans for Catwalk FurBaby 2024, generating excitement for what is to come. Look for more info on Catwalk Furbaby soon!

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