Experience NYC Your Way With This Solo Trip Guide

By Abby Henthorn

by ELYSIAN Magazine

Seasons of solitude pop up throughout all walks of life, sometimes unexpectedly. Embracing time alone allows us to discover ourselves and our values, leading to healthier relationships and a new perspective on the world.  

One tried and true method of “me time” involves taking a solo trip to explore your adventurous side, and New York City offers a perfect setting to tailor your solo adventure to your interests. 


For the Artist

What better way to become familiar with the city you’re visiting than experiencing the artistic minds that inhabit it? Explore how New York’s art and culture has influenced its personality by visiting these art museums and music venues.


Visit a Museum

Museums are the best way to experience incredible art within a curated environment, and New York City is full of them. With entire blocks dedicated to the world’s greatest creatives, there’s a museum for every period, culture, and movement.

For modern art, visit:

  • Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) 
  • The Whitney Museum of Art
  • The Guggenheim 

For American and European Pre-Modern visit:

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art 
  • The Frick Collection 
  • The Neue Galerie 


See a Performance

With the world’s top performance conservatories and world-renowned music venues, NYC has no shortage of incredible live performances. If you enjoy upbeat, feel-good music and incredible energy, attend a Broadway performance, where all ages are welcome to journey through an enchanting story told through clever lyrics and catchy tunes. Some of our favorite female-empowering shows playing at the moment include Six, Hamilton, and Chicago

If you’re looking for an evening filled with a classic harmonic progression and velvet-lined seat, spend a night at Lincoln Center or Carnegie Hall, where you’ll be surrounded by moving music and timeless stories played out on stage. The ABT, Carnegie Hall, and the Metropolitan Opera performance calendars rotate more frequently than Broadway shows, so check their calendar for the dates you’ll be visiting. 


Live Like a Local

When we travel solo, we often want to experience the city as locals do and break away from the tourist traps. In the city where you can be anything you want, why not live like a local for a few days and check out some hidden gems that tourists often miss? 

Jazz Clubs

Visiting a jazz club in Greenwich Village is a great way to meet some local musicians and experience New York’s nightlife without having to wait in line for a crowded club. Establishments such as Small’s, Blue Note, and Village Vanguard are the perfect setting to transport you back to 1920s New York and enjoy a night out alone. Tables usually seat two people, or the chairs are set up in a row, so it’s the perfect place to go solo, as everyone is there to enjoy the music. Greenwich also has excellent wine bars to grab an after-show drink and people watch. 


Chelsea Market and Little Island

Chelsea Market is a food hall where locals and tourists alike frequent for a quick taco, bowl of ramen, or bite-sized donut ball while on their way to another favorite – Little Island. The market also houses local shops so that you can support small New York businesses when looking for gifts. 

Little Island is a new green space and park located at Pier 54, which allows you to experience “nature, art, and community” with incredible views and innovative landscapes in a city often lacking in nature outlets. 


Treat Yourself

When in the city alone, seeing as much as possible can be tiring. While the endless possibilities of NYC beckon, remember to relax and unwind at some of the city’s best day spas and luxurious excursions. 


Day Spas 

Booking a facial or massage during your adventure is a great way to relax and detox your body from any stress and the city air clogging your pores and mind. Especially during the heat and hustle of the summer months in New York, spending the day focussing on the health and well-being of your physical body is a great way to show yourself gratitude for all of the walking and exciting late nights you’ve endured. Frequently, luxury hotels in the city will have a beautiful day spa and offer discounts to guests staying there. However, don’t be discouraged if your hotel doesn’t provide one, as most hotel spas also welcome visitors. 


Water Excursions 

Remember, Manhattan is an island; the iconic skyline is best seen from the water. There are multiple options for an elegant river cruise that offer dinner, drinks, and oftentimes live music. Taking a step back and enjoying the city from afar is a great way to reintroduce yourself to the present moment and remind yourself to enjoy the finer things in life.

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