Fashion Horoscope: Your Fall / Winter Style Predicted

by Elysian Magazine
fashion horoscope

Our fall/winter Fashion Horoscope features an assortment of remarkable pieces from top-brand designers, selectively chosen to match your zodiac sign. Here you will find the right statement pieces to add to your wardrobe, as well as some of the trendiest apparel to hit the shelves this fall. So, indulge in the pretty fabrics and the chic new bags. Holidays and family events are just around the corner and you will need to find the perfect outfit. Explore, experiment, and discover what your closet has been missing all this time!

Your Fashion Horoscope for Fall / Winter


Capricorns are ambitious, practical people who are serious about their goals, but when it comes to fashion they are usually torn between what is trendy and what is comfortable. Luckily, some brands have combined both by providing high-end designer pieces in soft, easy-to-wear materials. Over-sized sweaters, ponchos, and warm jackets are the go-to pieces for casual wear, but for formal occasions, the Capricorn will gravitate towards a more simple and sophisticated look. Pantsuits and dresses that accentuate harsh lines can add a bit of formality and classiness to their style, as well as a pair of pointed heels for a night out. 

fall fashion horoscope

Noelle Shearling Coat, $2,995,; Mid Rise Jeans, $375,; Kayle Ecru Cotton Blend Jumper, $270,; Kelsie Booties In Black Suede, $160,

Hazel Mini Leather Tote, $360,; Legacy Ankle Boot, $650,; Ganini Suiting Trousers,$185,; Knitted Crop Top, $1,177,


An Aquarius is experimental and rebellious when it comes to their fashion horoscope, so it comes as no surprise that their closet holds many bright and vibrant pieces. They have the confidence to incorporate animal prints and bold patterns into their look, and as for their jewelry, less is not more. Bold statement pieces are a must! You will never catch an Aquarius wearing one of those dainty silver chains; they want heavy, rose-tinted bangles, diamond earrings, gold necklaces with flashy ornaments dripping off the chain. Above all, an Aquarius values originality and creativity, so they love to seek out pieces that reflect their unique personality. 

fall fashion horoscope

Bel Booties in Dark Croco, $100,; Tweed Collarless Jacket, $2,890,; Straight Leg Leather Pants, $1,990,; Kat Hoop Earrings, $200,

Heart Metal Bead Bracelet, $48,; Another Life Long Sleeve Button Down Mini Dress, $129,; Wexford Leather Small Brenna, $216,; 8 By Yoox Laminated Sandals with Stiletto Heels, $230,


Pisces are known for being sensitive, romantic people. Their fashion horoscope is perfectly suited for light pastel colors, such as rose pink, mint green or powdery blue. They have a soft and elegant style, preferring light fabrics that create floaty silhouettes. It’s no surprise the Pisces coins this particular style, since they are a water sign, and like all water signs, they can be as mysterious as the ocean. They accessorize with classic jewelry pieces that are subtle, yet eye-catching. Pisces are typically drawn to their aquamarine birthstone and love all pieces that feature cool tones, like lavender, teal, and violet purple.   

Ditsy Floral Faux Wrap Dress, $88,; Pebble Grain Zip Pod Backpack, $201,; Back to School Apple Pendant Red, $65,; Sandrine 75 Pump Poudre Blush Pink, $450,

White Cotton Blouse, $90,; Corded Skirt, $698,; Penelope Cap-Toe Pump, $298,; Acetate Butterfly Sunglasses, $59.90,


Aries are full of energy and oomf! They are confident leaders, as well as stylists with the ability to adapt to any look. Their wardrobes are versatile, containing an array of styles and colors to suit their mood. However, an Aries tends to gravitate towards sleek and streamlined pieces that reflect their intensely ambitious character. Similar to the Capricorn, the Aries prefers a simple, neatly designed outfit rather than a chaotic look. Yet, they can still show off their passionate side by sporting a chic pair of shoes, a faux fur jacket, or a sleeve of bangles. Our Fashion Horoscope sees Aries as experts on how to accessorize any outfit. 

fall fashion horoscope

STAUD Wells Topstitched Faux Leather Midi Dress, $425,; Camille Midnight Blue Faux Fur Coat, $499,; Paramour 150 Pumps, $495,; Stadium Flap Shoulder Bag, $60,

Belted Leather Midi Skirt, $2,890,; Ribbed Cashmere and Silk Blend Sweater, $980,; Kate 85 Black Suede Ankle Boot, $995,; Kenneth Jay Lane Gold-tone and Bead Necklace, $325


Geminis are always on top of what is trending. Experts in communication and collaboration, Geminis bring together a number of elements and personalities in their wardrobes: casual and formal, trendy and classic. They are not afraid of piecing together an eclectic mix of bright colors and funky patterns to create an overall youthful appearance. Lambskin miniskirts, studded combat boots, and tattered wool sweaters can be found in their closet, as well as flowy blouses and sleek pencil skirts. A Gemini’s closet basically becomes a second-hand thrift store for their friends every weekend, because their wardrobe is so versatile. This season they will need to add Stuart Weitzman’s new lace-up booties to their looks, The Allie, which comes in an assortment of patterns and textures.

The Allie, $675,; Dolce Gabbana Lambskin Miniskirt, $1995,; Diamond Knit Sweater, $990,; Prada Eyewear Round Frame Sunglasses, $385,

fall fashion horoscope

Pussy-Blow Floral-Print Crepe Blouse, $1,200,; Asymmetrical Skirt Black, $125,; Kiki 75 Black Suede Slingback Pumps, $645,; Stand Studio Mini Liz Quilt Tote Bag, $221,


A Taurus can go from 0 to 100 when their passion is ignited, so watch out. This ambiguity is reflected in their daily style – marrying form and function, throwing in a few high-quality statement pieces that result in a standout look. A Taurus looks for unique textures and fabrics when shopping, so our Fashion Horoscope sees this season’s trend, leather, being an excellent addition to their wardrobe. Combining both practical and fashionable accessories such as a chic bag or a silver watch can bring their outfits to the next level. If you are a Taurus, I see leather tote bags and faux fur jackets in your future.

fall fashion horoscope

Skinny Rib Mock Neck, $265,; Meda Vegan Leather Mini Skirt, $350,; Gucci Net Sustain Linea Massite Leather Tote, $2,690,; Valentino Garavani VLOGO Tainted Ankle Boots, $1,195,

V-Neck Puff Sleeve Sweater, $98,; Slim Pant Cream, $99,; Minnie Embossed Leather Travel Ballet Flat, $238,; Kira Open Cuff, $128,


Cancers seek security and safety, helping even the most free-spirited of us to plant our roots. Like the hard shell of its symbol, the crab, a Cancer dresses impeccably and professionally for any occasion. Their closets are full of pieces with timeless appeal, clean lines and classic charm. They strive for the elegance that is most commonly found in vintage styles, such as Jackie Kennedy inspired clothing. Simple jewelry, flowy blouses, and jackets with clean creases make for a classy outfit. Our Fashion Horoscope predicts that pairing edgy heels or gold hoop earrings can add a bit of youthfulness to the look, so accessories are always a welcome addition to their closet.

fall fashion horoscope

Cotton and Wool Blend Jacquard Blazer, $2,500,; Horsebit-Detailed Cotton and Wool-Blend Jacquard Shorts, 1,200,; Patent Fauna Loafer, $325,; Mondrain Diamant 14-karot gold, pearl and diamond earrings, $2,375,

Boucle Waist Tie Jacket Cream, $595,; Pussy-Blow Silk-Jacquard Blouse, $2,290,; Saint Lucia Pant, $219,; Sunset Rectangle Hoop Earrings, $78,


A house ruled by the maiden, a Virgo is disciplined, rule-abiding and calmly organized. Resourceful yet practical, a Virgo may dress more conservatively, focusing on highlighting their femininity through a classically tailored silhouette. Their outfits are flirty, yet modest, and deftly achieve a graceful elegance. They tend to stray from flashy or funky items, and prefer single-colored pieces with earthy tones. A flowy blouse paired with a long skirt to accentuate their long figure makes a perfect night-out look. Their work attire may consist of sophisticated blazers and modest dresses, but a bold colored jumpsuit may add a bit of dimension and curvature to their style. 

fall fashion horoscope

Joahanna Ortiz Wrap-Around Blouse, $622,; yuhan wang Rose-Print Midi Skirt, $556,; Black Leather Ange Sandals, $890,; Diamond Open Bands Ring, $550,

Short Sleeve Jumpsuit Poppy, $129,; Seavie Too Bootie, $298,; Slim Jersey Jacket White, $68,; Kate Spade Mini Square Small Studs, $32,


Libras love to be in the midst of a crowd, pleasantly charming companions with her spirit of a social butterfly. Living life on the edge, a Libra often gravitates towards darker colors and luxurious fabrics like suede and leather. Their natural sense of curiosity also leads them to try new trends and experiment with bold patterns. They love to balance their style between masculine and feminine, so a button-down shirt with baggy leather pants, or a sleek dress beneath a biker jacket makes for an excellent combination. Silky blouses and suede bags can add texture to their look and provide them with that perfect touch of femininity. 

fall fashion horoscope

Tink Leo Satin Tunic, $328,; Pregno Cady Straight-Leg Pants, $595,; UO Remy Chelsea Boot, $79,; Rocky Suede Studs Bag, $498,

Short Cami Dress, $595,; Mock Black Leather Biker Jacket, $1,550,; Embroidered Knot Hoop Earring, $360,; High Heel Pointed Toe Bootie, $59.90,


A Sagittarius is curious, constantly traveling in search of the truth – and making everyone laugh while they’re at it. Their enthusiasm and positivity are contagious, and they are not afraid to show off these traits by wearing bold outfits to match their personality. For a night out, you may see them sporting some girlish frills and strappy heels or at work wearing an elegant off-the-sleeve sweater and a long teddy coat. Most of all, a Sagittarius loves to experiment with different textures and materials, which is why our Fashion Horoscope predicts this season’s faux fur trend is perfect for them!

fall fashion horoscope

Ester Paisley One-Shoulder Dress, $545,; Megan Mini Feed Bag with Studs, $198,; Jadey Rose Strappy Apricot Heeled Sandals, $87,; Single Breasted Teddy Coat, $1,990,

Marjory Off-The-Shoulder Sweater, $248,; Straight Leg Leather Pants, $1,990,; Hallie Strappy High Sandal, $119,; Talen Rhinestone Clutch, $29.90,


As the most secretive of the Zodiac signs, the Scorpio is mysterious and misunderstood. They have a knack for being consistently well-dressed and are most comfortable in a uniform-type style. Cashmere sweaters paired with a midi skirt provide them comfort, modesty, and a feminine look. They dress according to their mood, sometimes choosing to stand out and other times preferring a more laid back appearance. Chic stylistic pieces, like embroidered boots, sleek bangles, or a bohemian satchel can add some personality to their casual outfits. Foreign accessories can also reflect their sense of curiosity, and make for great conversation starters. 

Valencia Cashmere Crewneck Sweater, $248,; Chain-Detail Midi Skirt, $998,; Anny 70 Pump, $398,; Pebble Grain Hunter Crossbody, $163,

Sophia Dobby Smocked Top, $79.20,; Zipper Slit Pant Black, $79,; Dahlia Lace Up Boot, $159,; Trinity Pendant Necklace 43cm, $1,495,


Leos are expressive, thrilling, headstrong people who have a flair for bringing out dramatic statement pieces. A Leo tackles each day with natural strength and unbreakable confidence. They prefer their attire to be vibrant and creative, which is why this season’s Azalea Wang Wonka’s Colors Motto Jacket is a perfect addition to every Leo’s closet. It’s chaotic, modern, loud, and beautiful. Only those with the supreme confidence of a lion can pull such a bold piece. I see suede boots, tassel earrings, fringe pants, and leather totes in your future, Leo. Our Fashion Horoscope says this season is all about adding more flair to your closet.

fall fashion horoscope

Ophelia Belted Short Sleeve Jumpsuit, $695,; Balmain Roni Point-Toe Suede Booties, $1,150,; Small Falabella Reversible Tote, $995,; Roxanne Tassel Earring, $228,

fall fashion horoscope

Azalea Wang Wonka Colors Motto Jacket, $99,; All Dem Curves Hi Rise Fringe Flare Pants, $59.90,; Emily Ultimate White T-Shirt, $28,; Bryn Platform Leather Booties, $1,095,

Written by Katie Jensen

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