Featured Expert – Elizabeth Vizzone

by ELYSIAN Magazine
Photo of Elizabeth Vizzone, ELYSIAN's Featured Expert for Home

Elizabeth Vizzone has worn many hats over her 15+year career: contractor, developer, interior designer, home stager and licensed real estate agent.

Born and educated in Toronto, Canada, Elizabeth always had an eye for design and quietly honed her design philosophy and skills while raising her three children in Montclair, NJ where her studio is located.

Her detailed, clean and simple approach translates seamlessly into the real estate market where she successfully staged homes to generate immediate interest. As a licensed Realtor, she understands the needs of both buyers and sellers — as evidenced by her impeccable track record.

Working in both residential and commercial spaces, Elizabeth’s keen eye is able to capture the perfect combination of modern and traditional styles. But, it is her clever ability to integrate textures and patterns in a visually enticing way that is truly her trademark. She believes that the rooms in a home are reflections of the inhabitants and must be functional, comfortable, and complementary to everyday life. Her passion for this type of simple elegance is what shaped the beautiful timelessness of her signature look.

Find out more about Elizabeth at ElizabethVizzone.com and Instagram.com/ElizabethVizzoneInteriors

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