French Polynesia: Discover a Tropical Paradise a World Away

By Brenna Kehew Sculley

by ELYSIAN Magazine

The experience you have in French Polynesia is unmatched – almost indescribable. 

Overwater bungalows, balconies overlooking multi-hued sunsets… No responsibilities or plans for the day other than to soak in the beauty of the world around you. There is a laid-back happiness with the world that lives deep within the best beach towns, and all of French Polynesia has that lightning in a bottle.

Just imagine: To be on the other side of the world, taking in the mossy green and bright turquoise, the captivating beauty of the islands.

French Polynesia is an overseas collectivity of France located in the South Pacific Ocean. It is composed of a group of islands and atolls, and it is known for its stunning natural beauty, pristine beaches, turquoise lagoons, and vibrant marine life. 

Its unparalleled natural beauty is exemplified by the stunning landscapes, including lush green mountains, white sandy beaches, and crystal-clear lagoons. The breathtaking scenery, with dramatic volcanic peaks and vibrant coral reefs, creates a picture-perfect tropical paradise.

One thing about French Polynesia is that each island is remote, offering a sense of exclusivity and privacy. With every luxurious resort and private villa nestled in secluded locations, there is a sense of tranquility that allows you to enjoy intimate moments in a breathtaking natural setting without worrying about your neighbors peeking. 

The Four Seasons of Bora Bora is a dream of an experience, and The InterContinental Bora Bora Resort and Thalasso Spa is the height of luxury. Consisting of five archipelagos, comprised of 121 islands and atolls, French Polynesia is a truly remote and first-class getaway spot that offers many five star options

Culture is important, and working to have a deeper understanding of the places you visit is a valuable part of travel, and getting a feel for the history of this particular place in the world will definitely deepen your own enjoyment. Our hope is that the connections we make along the way will create a cultural exchange that brings us all a bit closer together. 

Polynesian culture is continued in traditional dance performances, local handicraft demonstrations, and daily life, thanks to friendly locals who are proud to share their cultural heritage. The rich traditions of French Polynesia are enjoying a renaissance, and younger generations are giving the arts a new focus.  

A place often visited for honeymoons, anniversaries, and other big occasions is one to always have on your list. French Polynesia offers a unique blend of opulence, natural beauty, and impeccable service to cater to discerning travelers seeking an indulgent getaway. A trip here is one you will never forget.

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