Shelter Spotlight: Global Strays

by ELYSIAN Magazine

Who we are:

Global Strays is an international animal welfare nonprofit dedicated to stopping the immediate suffering of animals in the most impoverished regions around the world. But we don’t just rescue one animal at a time, we make lasting change by preventing the future suffering of animals. In the past two years, Global Strays has helped more than 20,000 animals globally. 

Our primary need:

We need donations to fund our operations in Liberia, Nicaragua, and Colombia. Our programs consist of free spay/neuter services for pet owners, lifesaving medical procedures for rescues, veterinary care for working horses, educational clinics teaching animal welfare, and funding our partner shelters to rescue and rehabilitate stray/abandoned animals. 

Most memorable rescue story:

Leo was an abandoned dog rescued by our Global Strays staff in Colombia in 2021. He was found with half his face affected by a severe infection. We provided immediate lifesaving veterinary care and have been taking care of him ever since. Today, he is alive and well.

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