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Hannah Shepard

Managing Editor / Editor of Arts & Culture

Hannah Shepard is the Managing Editor and dedicated Arts & Culture editor of ELYSIAN magazine.

Hannah Shepard is the dedicated Arts & Culture editor of ELYSIAN magazine. She received her Master of Fine Arts from Savannah College of Art & Design and has degrees in Arts Management and Art History. Hannah is an accomplished art professional who rose quickly in major galleries and museums in the Southeast, including being the Executive Director for the largest non-profit contemporary art center in South Carolina. She has worked with over 200 artists of regional, national and international levels, and has developed a broad range of dynamic programming, such as state-wide juried exhibitions, educational workshops, interactive tours, panel discussions, contemporary performances, and more.

Hannah's Articles

The Matriarchs Patrilineal Portrait

Re-Envisioning The Motherland

By Hannah Shepard Surrounded by the women in her family and dressed in matching garments, Cristina Molina’s grandmother reaches for a hand of support while

Female Artists Featured at Frieze LA 2020

Only in its second installment, many were unsure if this year’s Frieze Los Angeles (Feb. 14-16, 2020) was set for another successful weekend or if maybe the City of Angels wasn’t quite ready to be listed on the international art world calendar.

Creative Exploring in the Arctic

Creative Exploring in the Arctic

Expansive seas under perpetual daylight. An incessant chattering of cracking ice. The thunder of calving icebergs. An endless resource for inspiration and contemplation.