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Kathie Bennett

Editor of Literature

Kathie Bennett is the dedicated Literature editor of ELYSIAN magazine.
A passionate reader, author advocate, and successful community fundraiser, Kathie Bennett has spearheaded many philanthropic and literacy efforts throughout the South. She is the founder and president of Magic Time Literary Publicity, an enterprise she began in 2008 as a response to the need in the publishing arena for some of her favorite authors and authors yet unknown to reach wide and varied reading audiences. At present, Magic Time represents award-winning and bestselling authors throughout the U.S. and London, helping authors achieve prominence through heartfelt representation and the creation of national tours.

Kathie's Articles

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By Kathie Bennett Reinvention is a concept familiar to Kimmery Martin, a Charlotte, North Carolina, physician. A few years ago, spurred by her love of

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Shelter in place? No problem. We’ve got a stack of just-released books to make your Covid-19 quarantine a lot more enjoyable (although we can’t do anything about your kids asking for their thousandth snack today. Sorry!)

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