Limassol, Cyprus: Designing with the Sea

by Elysian Magazine

At the intersection of rich cultures and beautiful scenery, Limassol Del Mar evokes the very essence and beauty of the Mediterranean by accentuating the surrounding natural landscape. Limassol’s captivating setting coupled with the resilient Cyprus market, which has remained undeterred by COVID-19, has proven an irresistible combination for buyers. Over 80% of Limassol Del Mar’s available units have already been purchased.

Limassol, Cyprus: A Place to Call Home

limassol, cyprus

Limassol, Cyprus is an ever-growing destination that boasts world class retail and culinary offerings as well as two looming towers that are available for both residential and developmental purposes. The Benoy architecture firm designed Limassol Del Mar with elegant curves and distinct proportions that evoke the property’s coastline as well as the sea beyond. “With its undulating silhouette, the design gracefully echoes the rhythm of the landscape while bringing the magic of the sea into the development. Generous terracing and outdoor pools complete the sense of place. Our design celebrates the many reasons why people have wanted to visit this part of the world for centuries,” says John Dawes, Chief Architect.

A Designer Destination

Limassol Del Mar’s Signature Collection, furnished by Gianfranco Ferré Home in collaboration with Jumbo Group, further expands upon the form and beauty of the building’s setting within the interior space. Gianfranco Ferré Home is known for its bespoke-designed pieces alongside their contemporary creations made with delicate colors and timeless designs. Recognized as the ‘architect of fashion,’ icon of Italian style, and genius of geometric patterns, Gianfranco Ferré’s legacy lives on through the Signature Collection.

limassol, cyprus

Residencies range from two to six bedrooms with an additional penthouse option; each residency features beautifully crafted terraces with dual aspect panoramas. This marriage between couture style and a supreme sense of comfort adds to the life-enhancing views of the building. In the lounge sit Alba velvet sofas with flowing, rounded edges that mirror the waves outside as well as Isola metal coffee tables and Vista glass bar stools that modernize the space. Bedrooms are adorned with metal detailing and eco leather in addition to exclusive Signature Collection linens. The color palette consists of cool blues against sandy gold in conjunction with soft greys with striking monochromatic touches – all reminiscent of the Limassol, Cyprus sea at different times of day.

Wonderfully Wavy

Architect, partner, and creative director at Jumbo Group, Livo Ballabio, recognizes the history of the site coupled with the international appeal of the development. He explains “the tones are never loud, the shapes stretch to the limits of what is possible, to draw from the cultural knowledge of our past and be re-proposed in a modern, contemporary way. The ideas we have used in the Signature Collection are precisely these; a collection that reproduces core concepts, but, at the same time, adapts to the spirit and inspiration behind the entire project.”

The Italian kitchen designed by Arclinea integrates reconstructed granite worktops with Miele appliances to showcase the intentional design of the building. Each bathroom contains custom-made vanity cupboards, delicate mosaic tiling with Duravit fittings, and Hansgrohe taps that highlight the space’s effortless elegance.

Dine in Decadence

ARA Design International also drew inspiration from the sea surrounding the structure which can be seen in the building’s lobby, spa, gym, resident’s restaurant, and swimming spaces. The aquatic designs of the area rugs in these rooms are complemented by metal accents with a brushed finish. Suspended in the main lobby is a hand-carved, marble pendant that welcomes residents and visitors with an austere grandness. All of these components reflect upon the natural surroundings of Limassol del Mar, amplifying the themes of light and wellbeing that permeate the landscape.

Still in development is the unrivaled Le Plaza Del Mar, a vibrant shopping and culinary destination for residents and visitors in Limassol, Cyprus alike. The world renowned landscape architecture firm, Cracknell, designed each facet of Le Plaza to reflect the essence of the Mediterranean Sea. From every plant and water fixture to each piece of furniture and brick of pavement, Cracknell instilled a sense of ebb and flow that echoes the ocean’s tide. Luxury boutique outlets are easily accessible from the footpaths for the well-traveled fashionista while elevated pocket gardens surrounded by water form secluded, meditative spaces for the devoted yogi and a distinguished selection of restaurants and bars are perfect for the fastidious foodie; all with an unparalleled view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Live in Luxury

Limassol, Cyprus located on the South coast of the country is the island’s most cosmopolitan region. Additionally, the nearby Troodos Mountains are a geological phenomenon full of rare specimens and rich natural history. The region also boasts some of the country’s best private schools and a super-yacht marina with 650 berths. All of these incredible aspects of Cyprus in conjunction with the ten miles of Blue Flag certified coastline surrounding Limassol Del Mar make it the perfect hub for both business and leisure.

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