You Can Have Your Diet and Eat Your Cake Too!

Depending on how you look at it, dessert is either a sweet treat to enjoy after a sensible dinner or a fool-proof way to foul up your strict regimen. But what if dessert was just another part of the meal, a source of lean proteins, plant fiber, healthy fats--and delicious to boot?

Yes, You Can Keep Plants Alive!

By Joselyne Pimentel Joselyne Pimentel was born and raised in the concrete jungle of Brooklyn, and if you think this


The Polo Bar

Ralph Lauren's Polo Bar offers a luxurious setting for classic all-American fare and libation in the heart of NYC.

Recipe: Corn Pudding Versailles

This is a classic dish to serve at Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s gatherings. This is a constant on my


Recipe: Onion Souffle

Onion souffle is a classic fixture in the Southern holiday spread. Light and rich, this is the perfect pairing next to a honey-baked ham or alongside a scrumptious breakfast spread—and the preparation is refreshingly easy.
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