MINT Gallery: A Destination for the Arts

by ELYSIAN Magazine

By Jean Li Spencer

Located at The MET in Atlanta, GA, MINT Gallery is a burgeoning destination for emerging and established artists to showcase work in the Southeast. With its current headquarters in the heart of Atlanta’s one-million-square-foot warehouse complex, MINT seeks to turn the city into a prime destination for the arts. Founded by students at Atlanta universities, MINT’s mission is to educate and engage the community with exceptional arts programming and offers enriching and dynamic exhibitions and community partnerships. Since 2006, MINT has presented over 1,000 contemporary and experimental artists.

MINT’s diversity in services rethinks the limited potential of traditional, boxy gallery spaces. Not relegated to one singular structure, MINT has a chain of evocative studios that push the boundaries of event planning and rental architecture. Significantly, MINT Gallery is the first Working Artists and the Greater Economy (W.A.G.E.) certified organization in Georgia and one of only 65 in the nation. W.A.G.E. Certification is a national program that recognizes nonprofit arts organizations that actively work towards voluntarily paying artist fees that meet minimum payment standards.

MINT currently represents a wide collection of works by accomplished women artists from the state of Georgia. The gallery has digital prints by acclaimed Atlanta-based performance artist and photographer Charlie Watts, whose whimsical, slippery nymphic subjects are captured past the peripheral edge of consciousness: “On Being Okay” and “Nap Ministries” are more affordable in the $300s, while SCAD graduate Lisa Shinault’s oil paintings of feminine, graceful women, such as “Sound Within,” can be a higher ticket item for your collection at $2300.

Photo credit: Luke Beard

In February 2020, MINT began leasing single-tenant studios to artists at a first come, first considered basis with secure parking, group exhibitions, utilities and participation in open studios. MINT recently moved to its larger home in the Adair Park neighborhood from downtown Atlanta. The revamped 7,300-square-foot home will include three galleries, offices and five studios for participants in MINT’s Leap Year residency program and up to 23 studios for emerging artists. The sleek new spaces demonstrate that with greater square footage comes infinite possibilities.

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