NBC to Air Kristy Woodson Harvey’s Peachtree Bluff

by Elysian Magazine

Exciting news about one of ELYSIAN’S Inspiring Women and favorite authors: Kristy Woodson Harvey. Her best-selling Peachtree Bluff series of books—Slightly South of Simple, The Secret to Southern Charm, The Southern Side of Paradise, and Christmas in Peachtree Bluff—is being produced by Jeffrey Kramer’s newly independent Juniper Place Productions in conjunction with co-producer Jenna Nicholson into a one-hour TV drama for Universal Television/NBC. Set in the fictional seaside town of Peachtree Bluff, Georgia, middle-age Ansley Murphy’s three adult daughters run home to their mother to escape their problems—looking to Ansley to solve them. However, instead of mending their shattering lives, a shocking secret is exposed that threatens to tear the family apart.

Kristy has teamed up with Caron Tschampion to write the screenplay. “I am thrilled to share in the transfer of Kristy Woodson Harvey’s book series to television. Kristy is a star on the page and will be on screen. She is a talented young writer partnering on this with Caron Tschampion,” Kramer said in a recent interview. “This caliber of talent augurs well for the future of this show.”

“My fabulous friends Sheryl Anderson, Caron Tschampion, and I are working on the most fun adaptation of my Peachtree Bluff Series for NBC!” Kristy posted on her website. “Producer Jenna Nicholson and I met about this project for the first time in 2019, so we are so thrilled to finally be able to announce this collaboration! Jenna and producer Jeffrey Kramer have a truly amazing vision for my books, and I couldn’t be more excited to share this news with all of you!”

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