Beautiful Art & Exclusive Benefits

The ELYSIAN NFTs will bridge the world of print media with digital, by giving NFT holders exclusive access to ELYSIAN’s new expansion into the world of Web3. From digital subscription access, exclusive in-app content, to physical events and experiences, these NFTs are not only beautiful collectibles, but are the key that unlocks a new world for ELYSIAN women and their community.

Introducing the

Exclusive Livestream August 6th

Zakin Family Estate, Napa Valley

ELYSIAN’s Inaugural NFT collection was designed and minted by a collective of female creators. The collection, featuring 41 unique NFTs in all, is inspired by Jan Zakin, an OB-GYN and co-owner of the Zakin winery. ELYSIAN’s Fall 2022 Travel & Technology issue cover features Zakin at the Zakin Family Estate.

The NFTs, offered at four different tiers guarantee holders access to exclusive ELYSIAN events and perks.

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