Small Lifestyle Changes to Help You Go Green

by Elysian Magazine

Building an eco-friendly life can be a daunting challenge. There are endless tools, tricks, habits, and resources to help you along the way; sometimes, though, the array of options can just make everything feel more daunting. Fortunately, improvement doesn’t have to come with massive, life-altering steps. Every little bit helps—even the slightest adjustments help you on your way to a more environmentally conscious life. There’s no wrong time to start reducing your carbon footprint, so check out these three small lifestyle changes to help you go green.

Go Natural With Your Health and Beauty Routine

When it comes to your daily life, consider replacing everyday products that contain harmful chemicals. Even the most routine health and beauty products can cause more damage than you might think. For example, did you know that most deodorants are bad for the environment? Consider each individual product you own and ask if you can replace it with something more environmentally friendly. Try to find organic, cruelty-free alternatives to add to your health and beauty routine instead. Look for natural ingredients, ethical business practices, and sustainable materials such as reusable containers and compostable packaging.

Try Meatless Mondays

One of the more entertaining lifestyle changes to help you go green is starting a Meatless Monday tradition. The meat industry has a large carbon footprint but opting for vegetarian or even vegan options once in a while can help lower the resources that go into meat production. This is also a great chance to get creative with your meals. Experiment with new recipes or try out the vegetarian options at your favorite restaurant. You never know what meat alternatives and meals you’ll fall in love with—you might even start craving them the other six days of the week.

Find Alternatives to Throwing It Out

One of the biggest steps to creating an eco-friendly life is to reduce the amount of stuff you throw out. Instead of adding to landfills, try to find alternative uses for the things you don’t need or want anymore. The most obvious method is recycling, but there are plenty of other creative solutions as well. Start replacing disposable items with reusable alternatives like canvas bags or glass storage dishes. Learn how to upcycle so that you can repurpose your favorite fabrics or décor items instead of getting rid of them. You can also donate gently used clothing, toys, and other belongings to give back to your community.

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