Summer Garden Party Ideas

by Elysian Magazine

The weather is warm and the sunshine is bright, a perfect recipe for outdoor entertaining. Here are some flavorful recipe ideas that will delight family and friends and turn your summer garden party into an amazing experience.

Salads for Summer Parties

Salad is a healthy way to fill up at a party, and it’s also easy to make in bulk. A vinaigrette dressing will withstand outdoor heat better than one that’s creamy. A salted tomato salad amplifies a tomato’s flavors if you season them up to 30 minutes before serving. A green salad with onion and basil leaves pairs perfectly with a lamb dish, perhaps cumin-crusted.

Starters for Summer Parties

It is almost high summer. These appetizer ideas are perfect for any gathering, from backyard barbecues to potlucks. A crudité plate is a lovely summer veg and dip combination, but you may also want to consider a classic Italian tomato bruschetta or another vegan option before a meat main dish. Jackfruit-based “pulled” meat alternative is surprisingly perfect for stuffing into bread rolls to enjoy all the barbecue trimmings.

Main Dishes For Summer Parties

Summer parties happen often at the spur of the moment, and the last thing you want to do is spend hours in your kitchen preparing a meal when you’re supposed to be having fun with friends and family outside. For these occasions, it is good to have some quick and easy recipes on hand, so you don’t get stuck in your kitchen.

Easy tacos with a smoky-sweet salsa are a great opportunity to sneak a day’s worth of vegetable servings into one meal, and kiwi or another fruit can make the salsa super fun and colorful. Barbecue sesame sweet potatoes are an ideal side dish at outdoor cook-outs, or even perfect in a summer salad – just toss in a handful of arugula or lettuce and mix. Chipotle chicken & slaw is super healthy and low-calorie – these hot and spicy drumsticks and homemade slaw are a perfect combination.

Drinks for Summer Garden Party

Are you looking for an alternative to simple wines that you may typically serve at garden parties? Festive alternatives, from mango lemonade to fancy cocktails, prove there’s something out there to please everyone. A ginger spritz contains an ale, prosecco, and ginger beer – a summery tipple that’ll make you and your friends fizz with excitement when you get together. A virgin piña colada, our mock rum cocktail, with pineapple juice and coconut milk is a fun alcohol-free party drink. Another mocktail, with pineapple, lime, and soda water will make this drink slightly sweeter, and it will brighten up any party.

Desserts For A Cool Afternoon In The Sun

When it’s hot outside, something cool and refreshing will be a hit with your party guests. These delicious summer desserts will keep you and your friends feeling revitalized while basking in the sun. A creamy pineapple pie with its refreshing taste is an impressive dessert that is quick and easy-to-make or to satisfy your sweet tooth, try this popular treat: a no-bake Strawberry Pretzel Pie, just made for summer.

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