Turning Back the Hands of Time

Hands of Time

When you consider daily abuse from sun exposure, UV nail lamps and chemicals in lotions, soaps and cleaning agents—added to the normal hormonal changes that come with aging—you realize that our hands truly take a beating.

How to Treat Cellulite

How to Treat Cellulite

Learn ways to treat cellulite, a problem that challenges women of all ages and sizes, with treatments for all ranges of budget and severity.

Clean Beauty

While we pay so much attention to the things we put into our bodies, we may forget—or not even know—about the potential harm in our cosmetics.

Travel Basic(s)

Toiletries can be the biggest battle to win when traveling light. A seasoned pro offers tips and tricks to carrying-on with just a carry-on.

Keeping an Eye on Aging

Keeping an Eye on Aging - Featured Image

ELYSIAN joins Amy Zimmer as she undergoes an under-eye laser treatment to coax a more youthful look to the surface.

Baking in the Glow

ELYSIAN Fashion and Beauty expert Amy Zimmer explains how to achieve luminous skin.

Fast Track to Freezing Fat

Body sculpting and body contouring gets a new method with CoolSculpting, a non-invasive fat removal procedure that involves freezing away the fat.

Root of the Problem

Hair dye ingredient PPD is a common cause of allergic reaction–and most people don’t know about it.

Croatia Rediscovered

Croatia’s rich history and magnificent shorelines along the Adriatic coast boast more than two millennia of ancient walled towns and a thousand islands.