The Household CEO: How to Balance it All

by Brenna Kehew Sculley

by Amber Edwards
It’s no secret that women carry most of the mental load of running a household. All the things beyond the everyday housework are what make a family run. It is in the synchronicity of appointments, meal planning, home maintenance, travel plans, parties and events, and everything that falls between the cracks of life. All the little things that run together and create the entirety of a task; the mental load. The American Psychological Review explored this phenomenon in 2019 when Harvard doctoral student Allison Daminger divided the mental load process into four parts: anticipate, identify, decide, and monitor.
One way to alleviate the thrum of prepping and planning the well-being of your home is to outsource. As author Rachel Morgan Cautero shared with Northwestern Mutual about her relation to her finances, saying, “Since outsourcing household chores, I’ve been able to grow my career, spend more quality time with my family, and be a more present mother. To me, it’s worth every penny.”
Hiring a house manager can significantly ease the burden. A house manager takes on the role of an executive assistant but within the home, ensuring smooth operations and freeing up time for the family, creating more time to focus on career goals and personal life.
There are a number of companies that can connect you with the perfect household manager to meet your specific needs.
Persist invites you to take 5 minutes to get the breakdown of the time and weight of everything that is currently on your plate. They quickly divide the most common tasks across your household and calculate the total time that is required each week to keep your household running to illustrate the full weight of what you’re carrying. Persist uses psychology and technology to help your household create new habits that build visibility, appreciation, and fairness around the division of your household care work. Nines, another service, offers modern household management solutions designed specifically for households and estates. Their platform serves as a centralized household manual and operating system for managing properties, assets, vendors, staff, tasks, and more.
Balancing a career and home life is challenging but not insurmountable. Whether you decide to hire a house manager or utilize a mix of modern services, the goal is to find a solution that reduces stress and allows for a fulfilling professional and personal life. Remember, as the CEO of both your career and your home, the most important thing is to find a balance that works for you and your family.

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