The Root of What Drives Us: Animal Welfare, Philanthropy, and the Improvement of Society

By Brenna Kehew Sculley

by ELYSIAN Magazine

A “root cause” is defined as a core issue — the highest-level cause — that sets in motion an entire cause-and-effect reaction. When we think of our roots, we think of home, of family who raised us, and of the people who helped us bloom. A root twists and turns in the ground, intertwining with the roots of the other trees around it, an underground community that is wide and deep, creating a foundation for the towering forests above them. Roots are what hold us, what grounds us, and what gives us inspiration to keep growing.

This sentiment is embodied by DRC Ventures, a family of brands dedicated to addressing deeply rooted causes, and ELYSIAN. ELYSIAN’s philanthropic mission is led by founder and publisher Karen Floyd, who is always expanding her network of roots to connect with leaders across a variety of sectors, bringing powerful women together and showcasing the meaningful impact they have on the world. Karen connected with the founder of DRC Ventures, Dr. Christina Rahm, and knew she had to find a way the two could work together to support our shared values and interests. The women of these two different worlds have collided to ignite a spark that is truly special and unique.

One of these shared values, supporting animal welfare, will be on full display at the inaugural CatWalk Furbaby, which will kick off New York Fashion Week at Sony Hall on February 10. CatWalk FurBaby is an opportunity for philanthropic women to convene and connect, rescue organizations to raise awareness and funds for their many needs, and for fashion to provide the fun that makes it all worthwhile. Finding the perfect partners to make it all possible is Karen’s specialty, and the connection with DRC Ventures, the event’s title sponsor, and Dr. Rahm fits neatly into place. 

Recently, DRC Ventures has also taken on the fashion industry, which will be on display at CatWalk Furbaby. Expected to become the ultimate in luxury eco-fashion, the unique line of Enviremware will host patented nano-biotech formulas woven into the textile material that will improve the protectiveness of clothing for fashionable humans with the Merci Dupre Clothiers line, as well as fashion for pets and animal lovers alike with Bill & Coo.

Bill & Coo is poised to enter the world of animal nutraceuticals with an enormous splash. DRC Ventures is excited to take what has been learned from years of formulating products to improve the quality and health of human beings and now transform that knowledge into anti-aging, health-driven nutraceutical products for the animals we all love.

“We expect this new label to be extremely popular with animal lovers,” said Dr. Christina Rahm, Founder/CEO of DRC Ventures. “This line will give animal owners the opportunity to not only dress in coordination with their pets, but also better focus on their health through our detoxing and supplemental formulas.”

Accordingly, the line will host everyday casual ensembles along with sophisticated looks and even formal evening attire. Each piece of designer clothing will be crafted with care and detail to ensure comfort, style, and quality. All lines will be made from eco-friendly materials. Additional, non-fashion related products will include Pure Clean Pets, involving nutraceuticals, detoxification products, and a prebiotic supplement line.

Dr. Rahm emphasizes that all her formulations are created with the highest quality, patented technologies available, while using the highest quality of ingredients for her skincare formulations, coffee products, and environmentally friendly clothing. Her expertise spans research and development in a variety of areas, including psychology, bioscience, and nanotechnology.

Dr. Rahm and her board of directors – comprised of experts pulled from the healthcare, economic, and entrepreneurial worlds – have created a platform that combines different ventures that complement each other toward the larger goal of creating positive change throughout the planet. 

Beyond their fashion lines, a pursuit of excellence and the utilization of a background in technology drives everything Dr. Rahm is a part of. From advancing skincare with Ella Pure, a beauty brand dedicated to cleanliness and simplicity, to a coffee company, Rahm Roast, that uses a method to clean out the toxins built in the coffee and carry unique notes that no other coffee has. The way she has invested her energy at DRC Ventures reflects the roots that inspired it; widespread, intertwining, and working toward a goal that reaches to the sky.

The root cause of DRC Ventures is to do good, and beyond just the core tenets of the company and all the different products and sectors they touch, the Rahm Foundation is another arm of this initiative. Over the years, the nonprofit has provided support to individuals through scholarships, internships, and mentoring programs. Through these initiatives, the foundation strives to promote upward mobility amongst marginalized populations, to better gain equal footing in both education and employment. Known for her passionate dedication to fund educational, environmental, and projects in underprivileged areas around the world, Dr. Rahm is committed to these various philanthropic causes, and is taking that dedication a step farther with her partnership with ELYSIAN.

CatWalk Furbaby is going to be an immersive experience, a fun way to be a part of the exclusivity of New York Fashion Week, and an important fundraising and advocacy opportunity to support to animal welfare organizations across the country. 

ELYSIAN is propelled to use its social, political, and liquid capital to make the world a better place and is proud to partner with groups such as DRC Ventures.

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