The World’s Response to Ukraine

by Elysian Magazine

HOUR BY HOUR, DAY BY DAY, the eyes of the free world look to Ukraine as it is besieged by Putin’s Russia: watching, waiting, and praying that somehow, by the grace of God, mankind will avert a third World War. Whether we shall—or not—is yet to be seen. ELYSIAN’s mantra is ”Women Inspiring Women.” Now, more than ever, we are inspired to honor the magnificent women of the Ukraine in this Special Edition Newsletter. Many Ukrainian women have died. Many more will die—but not one will have died in vain. For their relentless courage and abiding love for freedom is a shining beacon that will evermore endure and light the way for all women, everywhere—now, and till the End of Time.

“We are all building the present, we are all building the future! Not only the future of Ukraine but the future of the whole world.”
—The cry heard around the world protesting Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine

Toronto, Canada

Tokyo, Japan

Rome, Italy

Paris, France

New York City, New York

Moscow, Russia

Madrid, Spain

London, England

Boston, Massachusetts

Berlin, Germany

Bangkok, Thailand

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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