Trends in Design – Is Color Back?

by Elysian Magazine

These days, with so much more of our lives spent at home, there are some significant trends that while not necessarily “new” are new from the standpoint that people are looking to streamline their lives—in the kitchen, family space, and at-home workspace in particular. The reason is obvious: the less clutter, the less you have to pick up. The easier the living, the more time you have enjoying it. Here are some of the hot trends that are going on right now:

Sustainable products. That’s right, cane and wicker furniture are “in” again.


Asian minimalism The Japanese have always strived for minimalist design and intentional spaces that are purposefully designed not only desirable from a practical standpoint but can be calming and evoke nature. A monochrome bathroom, for example, with modernistic fixtures and curtainless windows that invite light, a potted tree, white fluffy bath towels, a lighted candle, and luxurious bath soaps and exfoliants—what could be more calming than that?



Tonal colors are in, black and white are out. Soft, natural colors and soft, creamy whites add peace to your environment. What’s trending? Incredibly, color is “in” again. Chinese yellow—a classic, rich yellow that’s not afraid to be bright but is, nonetheless, somewhat shy and tonal. Nordic green, which looks like a pine branch with ice crystals on it in the winter. Any earthy tone—sand, soil, water, sky. And don’t be afraid to go too dark. You can, as long as you have juxtaposed lighter upholstery, bed linens, Venetian blinds, carpets, etc., to offset and contrast with brightness. Mix and Match. Surround your old farm table with sculptural, metal chairs.


Interior design and photo by Lori Andrews


Matched sets of furniture are out. That doesn’t mean you have to throw out your four-poster bed…but rather, get a wood round, place it over your matching end tables, and cover it with a fabric table skirt and a glass top. The matching bureau that’s scratched and dull from age? Paint it a wonderful color that brightens your room. Get a new bedspread or better yet, a comforter with duvet covers you can rotate with the season. What about some new area rugs? Lamps?



Found Objects. And don’t throw away that glass jar. Wash it out, toss in some fresh flowers like they don’t care, and set it anywhere you need a visual splash of color!



Scandinavian. Last but not least, be practical. Get inspired by Scandinavian, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, design. They’ve had it figured out for a long time. You don’t need a big house if you plan out your space. If your kitchen is small, make every square inch sufficient. Don’t waste space. Those who downsize say they have never been happier. “Everything a place, a place for everything,” as the saying goes.  Smaller homes can still have the amenities – laundry rooms,  a guest room, a dream kitchen, and even a walk-in closet for china, wine glasses, and goblets, and sets of sterling flatware—which is only taken out occasionally, but is there when you want it.  Every inch of space has a purpose, but no matter what size, make your house your home…and enjoy!


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