Vacation … or Staycation?

by Elysian Magazine


THE PANDEMIC HAS INTRODUCED a new concept in travel: the “staycation.”  Instead of traveling far and wide, a vast majority of erstwhile travelers have made home “home base” for vacationing. They’re taking day trips. They’re going to the beach.  Hiking. Biking. Or just hanging around.

How come?  Because the world is still in the throes of uncertainty.  Travelex Insurance identifies the top two international travel fears: getting stuck in another country and catching COVID-19, even if an individual has been vaccinated.  The unstable travel industry has seen a surge in canceled flights due to financial woes.  And if you get sick, the concern of finding adequate medical care is very real indeed.

Harvard University, however, counters these claims.  A recent study has determined it is less likely to contract Covid on a plane than it is in a grocery store.  John Gobbels, chief operating officer at Medjet, agrees. “It’s not something people should be afraid of,” he says, “as long as travelers continue to take the proper precautions, like those recommended by the CDC and other health entities.”

Still, many people are hesitant.  So, what can you do on your staycation? 



Here Are Some of the Things You Can Do:

  • Local libraries and museums offer interesting programs and special events. Join a reading group. Take a course or volunteer at your local museum or historical society.
  • Take up needlepoint.  You’ll find it’s a great way to get relaxed, engaged, and be creative, all at the same time.
  • Get out your cookbooks and try some new recipes.  Don’t go to your grocery store.  Instead, plan an excursion.  Go to your local farm stand and buy fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs, and cheeses.  Get fresh fish at a fish market, or meat at a meat market.  Try herbs, spices, and seasonings you’ve never tried before.  For inspiration and great cooking tips, watch wonderful cooking shows, like Mary Berry and Nigella Lawson on BritBox, and Julia Child’s old cooking shows.
  • Now you’re cooking, invite a few friends to afternoon tea, and gather your family around for an old-fashioned Sunday dinner.
  • Practice your golf or tennis game—and if you don’t play, take lessons.  It’s never too late to learn.
  • Go swimming.  It’s an exercise you can’t beat it in the heat.
  • Take a nap.  You know you want to.
  • Get a map.  Take a compass.  Put the point where your home is and figure out, according to the scale, a convenient distance—say, 35 miles, tops.  Then draw a circle.  Discover how many places you haven’t seen in your own backyard—and go exploring.

What can’t you do on your staycation?  Work.  So, relax.  It’s about time you enjoyed the things you seldom have time to do.

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