What Fashionistas Wear to New York Fashion Week

by Elysian Magazine

It’s not so much about looking fashionable at New York Fashion Week. It’s about making a fashion statement and letting your personality show through your style. Of course, A-Listers dress to impress the paparazzi and have a limo waiting just outside, but if you don’t, then be prepared to deal with the 12-inches of snow that fell in Manhattan this past weekend—with more on the way—and single-digit temperatures. Be smart and make being comfortable and warm your first priority or you’ll be miserable. New York can be one of the coldest, rawest places on earth this time of year.

This doesn’t mean our inner fashionista can’t shine. Make a statement with a three-quarter length quilted down coat, knit cloche to keep your head warm, and pair your look with a clutch, which is “all the rage” in handbags for 2022. Underneath, a chunky shawl collar or turtleneck alpaca sweater will really keep you warm. Or, if want a layered look, an Italian-knit cashmere knit top under a waist-high cardigan accessorized with a classic silk scarf can be dressed up with a dynamite pair of earrings. This year’s also about wide-leg pants. Remember your grandmother’s ankle-high boot with the fur trim and little heel? That’s right…they’re back. If you favor knee-high boots, make sure it’s got a good tread and low heels—high-heel fashion boots are an accident waiting to happen on icy Manhattan sidewalks. Don’t be surprised if you see some fashionistas wearing L.L. Bean boots with a luxurious fur coat. After all, no one wants cold, aching feet by the end of the day.

You too can be a fashionista during Fashion Week. It’s all about the touches you add—like a great brooch on your hat, mittens instead of gloves, statement earrings, and huge sunglasses, sunshine or not. So…express yourself, be yourself, and above all, stay warm and comfortable!

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