What Pet Owners Are Buying in the time of Covid

by Elysian Magazine

The Pet Industry is the largest market segment in America.  Last year, sales were estimated at almost one trillion dollars—and it continues to surge.  So, what are pet owners buying that has resulted in sales doubling over the past decade?  Here’s what…and see whether you are among the pet owners who have bought these products for your pet:

  1. PET SUPPLEMENTS, to include dog vitamins, catfish oil, and do probiotics.  Among these, however, it’s human-grade CBD oil engineered for pets—a supplement gives to dogs for therapeutic purposes such as seizures, chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia, or for relaxation—that has grown a staggering 7,400% over the last five years, that has flow off the charts.
  2. PET WIPES.  Moist towelettes used to wipe your dog’s bum after he’s “done his business” are up 67% since 2000.  Amazingly, there are 400 brands of pet wipes available on the market today—proof positive of the demand!
  3. PET TOOTHPASTE. Ignoring your dog’s dental hygiene is a common oversight and invariably will lead to bad breath and rotten teeth as your dog ages.  What many dog owners do not know is rotten teeth can lead to heart problems and heart problems will cut your canine companion’s life short.  Make a dental plan with your vet to ensure your dog’s health.  And remember, one dog year equals seven human years—and time is precious.
  4. FROZEN YOGURT and other tasty treats.  That’s right.  Dogs like frozen yogurt, too.  The Bear & The Rat, a startup company, now sells frozen yogurt for dogs in Whole Foods stores nationwide.  Purina also makes frozen yogurt for dogs—cunningly called Purina Frosty Paws.  And speaking about what to feed your dog, one of the fastest-growing niche pet food categories is freeze-dried dog food.  
  5. And like everything else, people are buying PET FOOD ONLINE—a staggering 51% increase since COVID began in March 2020.  Leading the charge is Chewy.com, the online pet store that sells everything from dog and cat food and supplements to dog beds, cat tree condos, and canine and feline pharmaceuticals, whose reported revenue last year was $4.8 billion, an increase of almost 40% from the year before.

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